Lady Gaga plans to release one jazz album a year

Lady Gaga has revealed in a recent interview with The Wall Street Journal that her relationship with jazz will not end after the release of "Cheek To Cheek".

"It's not a phase, no way I'm planning to release a jazz album per year," said the singer. "And I think I'll keep this up forever. I love so much. I want to spread it to all my fans."

The singer also shared with the magazine her favorite female jazz singer, Ella Fitzgerald, and that, during the recording of her new album in collaboration with Tony Bennett, could not stop crying.

"Tony taught me some breathing techniques. You can still sing when you're crying," said the singer. "I was sobbing when I was recording of Billy Strayhorn's 'Lush Life.' but I was able to sing it because Tony said 'you can do this'."

"Cheek To Cheek" hits the stores on September 23.

Check out her new song " Nature Boy "below: