Unlock all Characters in Naruto Ultimate Ninja Revolution

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution has more than 100 characters, ranging from characters that are selectable characters support. Unlock all these characters can be faster than you think, check out our tutorial on how to unlock all characters in Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution.

To unlock all characters, you need to collect over 1.7 Million Ryo (game currency). Getting that amount by normal methods can take a lot, but you can use a shortcut.

Step 1 Select the game mode "Free Battle" and then go to the "VS Mode" option. Then choose the mode where two players can battle.

Step 2: By entering this mode "Seninn Naruto" or " Rikudo Sennin", and any other character to another player. Press "Start" on the remote to choose the “Hurdle”. Here moves icons to be lead down to the screen, or completely for the first player. Finally, choose the " Ultimate Jutsu" as battle mode.

Step 3 The trick is to quickly defeat the opponent using two Ultimate Jutsus. Obviously, you will be playing alone. In each match, the player wins more than 18,000 Ryo.

Soon, you will begin to be notified about new characters available in the character selection screen. To achieve more than 1.7 million Ryo, you will have unlocked all characters in the game.

Step 4 Some characters will not appear using this tip, it means that they can only be unlocked through other modes. Shisui Uchiha case, to unlock it, you must finish the "Ninja Escapades" mode.

Another character that is only unlocked through otherwise is Mecha Naruto . To unlock it, you must finish the way "Mecha Naruto story" within the "World Ninja Tournament" mode.