Best PlayStation 4 Apps

The PlayStation 4 (PS4) already has a respectable list of games, which includes several blockbusters, in addition to exclusive worshiped as The Last of Us Remastered and InFamous Second Son. The list of applications is not yet extensive, but certainly already has some nice options.

Check out our list of the best apps for the console!


With the addition of interesting-sharing system, which allows players to record clips directly from their games and publish in social networks, the need for an app for editing videos emerged. In ShareFactoy players can do everything from simple cuts and adjustments to the addition of voice, effects and personalized introductions.


The ubiquitous streaming service subscription also is popular with the owners of the PS4 . With a cheap signing, and endless choices of series, films and documentaries for all tastes, it's hard not to recommend. The app is more modern and agile than the version of the PlayStation 4, despite being quite similar.

Live PlayStation

Pre-installed on all devices, this app is nothing more than the system live broadcast of their games, the internet. With the app you can use the services Twitch and UStream, which are among the most popular.

Also gives to track thousands of transmissions from other players, separated by platforms and run titles. The broadcasts include games consoles, PC and even matches cardgame Magic: The Gathering and other board games.

NBA Game Time

Brazilian basketball fans know how hard it is to find the matches live, even with access to cable TV. The Game Time app promises to be the ultimate solution to these problems.

For a subscription (per season) the user can monitor all live by the application, plus the option to review other matches, leaderboards and exclusive content.


The anime, Japanese animation, do tremendous success among Brazilians, and Crunchyroll app for PS4 is a haven for the aficionados series. For a monthly subscription, you can watch dozens of titles for the console.

The episodes feature original audio (usually Japanese) and subtitles in Portuguese, to facilitate the interpretation of those without intimacy with the language.

The Playroom

Another app already included in the console, the PS Playroom uses the Camera to create fun interactions with virtual reality characters, added the screen.

The application works more as a sample of the possibilities of the island, including the powerful camera (sold separately), the motion sensor control, microphone and some more interesting functions.