Lego Batman 3 - Beyond Gotham guide

Welcome to the walkthrough of Lego Batman 3 - Beyond Gotham!

Table of Contents

Part 1 - Pursuers in the Sewers
Part 2 - Breaking Bats
Part 3 - Space Suits You, Sir!
Part 4 - Space Station Infestation
Part 5 - The Big Grapple
Part 6 - The Lantern Menace
Part 7 - Europe Against It
Part 8 - Big Trouble in Little Gotham
Part 9 - The Power of Love
Part 10 - A blue Hope
Part 11 - Jailhouse Nok
Part 12 - All the Rage
Part 13 - Need for Greed
Part 14 - Aw-Qward Situation
Part 15 - Breaking The Ice Ending

Part 1 - Pursuers in the Sewers

Select Batman and pull you with the grappling hook on the white label facing up. Jump to the switch and pressed it so that the water is drained. Jump to Robin and smash everything nearby. Build on the tank and go to Robin (hazard suit). Absorb all the colorful Lego parts and fill it in the tank.

Drawn with the grappling hook on the gun (key repeatedly press), so that the way is clear. Change to the green wall to Batman (camouflage). A short pressing the Action button to scan the environment. Then pull on the hook. Imagine with Batman (camouflage) on the white marking and connecting the pipe so that the water can flow through.

Lego Batman 3: BG Find All Gold Brick Locations

Go to the right and go to Robin (hazard suit). Shoot the four nodes and strike from the two vertical brown bars. Smash as long as everything until you can build the generator for the ladder. Jump on the red dots to bring Batman over to the fire nozzles.

Drawn with Batman (camouflage) and the train and go right ahead. Build on the winch and go to Robin (hazard suit). Pull the front of the lever so that the hatches are opened. Jump on this further. Drawn at the end several times with the grappling hook on the ladder to allow them down.

Smash the boxes to the left and right. Then build on the part of the sewer and move with the grappling hook to it. Continue. You must now fight Killer Croc.

Defeat the Handlaner Croc and then destroy the left and right colorful parts. Build it into a tank. Jump to Batman (camouflage) and makes the left and right red buttons visible.

Jump on it and it will appear colorful LEGO bricks. Jump to Robin (hazard suit) and get these parts. Then back into the tank and then rise into the net gun and fires.

Part 2 - Breaking Bats

Provide with Batman (Tarn-suit) on white mark and turn right node. Link to the grappling hook point and detach the (power suit).

Silver Lego object destroy Batman (power suit). Assemble the pieces and turn on the green side and go over the bridge.

Switch to Batman (Tarn-suit) and walk past the camera. Batman (power suit) select and destroy silver object. Then, press the button (camera turns off). Take the (technology-suit) with Robin.

Put forward with Robin (technology-suit) on white marking and correct colors (small squares have large squares correspond -> color). Then go into the elevator.

Link Insert rod with Robins and swing up to Batman – ward - Bats. Right on. With Alfred tablet through the fire. Then the water system rebuild. Switch to Robin and press switch (when bar is full press).

Robin grappling hook used back then up to Batman -> back to ward bats. Computer rebuild → Robin (technology-suit) take and open platform. About face up to Batman. Charging law with new fluorescent Suit (Robin). Cave by going up while lights and debris to move away.

Link to illuminate the cave and destroy everything. Switch to establish → with Batboot on Batman shoot. Top left stairs with Alfred tablet through the flames. Water bottle establish → fire away. Question Add elevator. Up destroying everything, shoot the Bat bike and Batman. Head left to build up and colorful stones and absorb with dangers suit. Let go by lock with Robin (technology-suit). Operate with robot switches. Over running, build and fill the tank.

Remove the rise in Batwing Batman and shoot right ahead and grab hook on the hook. Batman (Bat Version) defeat.

Hands dodge and wait until you see the box.
Destroy box and headlights.
Pull with grab hooks on the spotlight.
Go to Batman and beat.

These steps you then repeated two more times and you have made it!

Part 3 - Space Suits You, Sir!

Select Martian Manhunter and use super sense. Rear Right golden castle heat, use Super meaning and include compounds. (Insert super sense) for Wonder Woman figure, choose Green Lantern and pull hook, assemble, pressed key platform so keep Superman figure is active, then turn on the Batman character.

Right on. With Batman (Bomb Suit) laser structure fire. Link further destroy the silver boxes, assemble the equipment. Switch to Robin (technology-suit) and activate switches. Silver object shoot up with Batman (Bomb Suit), swing up and Robin (technology-suit) to activate.

Back to destroy silver object and take Batman (sonar suit), glass destroy, change to Robin (technology-suit) and go and activate the switch bot. Law as Robin switch to activate (for tank). Destroy glass with Batman (sonar suit), then Robin (hazard suit) collect colorful pieces and pour into the tank. Use super sense with Batman (Tarn-suit) and use grappling hook. High hovering and use super sense in front of wall, connect the pipe and the right to use stealth suit super sense. Destroy the glass with Sonar suit and go with Robin (hazard suit) on the hook.

Batman (Tarn-suit) take to make silver objects visible, then destroy. Charging with Robin (light suit) energy right and up into the dark cave. In-Vehicle climb and dig up all the holes for space suit.

Left destroy the golden box with laser beam with Batman (space suit). Build apparatus and fill up with Batman's suit. High-flying and landing on platform on the left. Golden Luke destroys with laser. Link fly further and cut with laser Batman symbol in wall and build Bat-computer. Switch to Batman (Tarn-suit) and make rods to rock face visible.

Insert with Robin pole and swing to the Bat-computer. Engage with Robin (technology-suit). In mini-game achieve all three numbers - be careful that you don’t fly down.

With Batwing 60 tooth drones destroy.

Thereafter, 50 and 10 tooth drone UAV shoot.

Then again Copter 10 and 4 missile missiles do (marked in blue note).

Then Jokers shoot rocket. Dodge and even with missiles at him shoot (four times).

Defeat enemies and walk around to the front until golden cover. They destroy and absorb cyborgs magnetic suit.

Destroy guns and forward to continue to bulkhead. Destroy the safety latch with Cyborg (Bomb Suit). Next Go and defeat opponents.

Golden field of rocket with Batman (space suit) and the laser destroy him. Then build platform.

Provide with Flash on deck and hold button indicated. Cannon assemble.

Turn left and continue with Cyborg (magnetic suit) on the crane. Cut Golden wall with Batman (space suit). Build tank and fill up with Cyborg (space suit) and flying high.

Pull with Cyborg (magnetic suit) on the lid and with Batman (space suit) will destroy the golden area. Right next to the other side fly with Cyborg.

Place on platform with magnetic suit and pull switch. Press on green field and turn switch. Ladder is extended.

With Cyborg (Bomb Suit) destroy the right boxes and build treadmill. 

Part 4 - Space Station Infestation

Follow blue transparent Studs. Build up in the middle of the space platform and provide it with Flash. Hold key and highlight three labeled parts. Build water cannon and place

Firefly meet four times to defeat him. With water cannon to fire before you aim is to see to grappling hook goal. Pull off with Wonder Woman.

Defeat Cheetah: attack with a character and as soon as a Cheetah keeps at bay, switch to the other character and beat them.

Wave 1: Defeat enemies.

Wave 2: Build platform and aim with Wonder Woman laser on golden field.

Destroy Silver Spheres left with Cyborg (demolition suit). From stones to build platform and run with Robin (ball-suit) and let up on the top right tank.

High float with Cyborg and fill in the tank. Fly over right with Cyborg (space suit). Lever with Cyborg (Giant suit) to green areas and destroy with laser golden areas.

Enable Robin (magnet suit) to blue struts up and Robin (technology-suit) switch for the elevator. Defeat enemies and put it on switch to boot.

Defeat enemies and destroy boxes at the front in the middle and build green table lamp.

Use with Cyborg (space suit) and laser to cut pure symbol. Switch to Cyborg (Giant suit) and beat against container to get out of Grundy. Quick time event complete (the buttons displayed press repeatedly) to defeat Grundy.

Switch to Robin (light suit) and charge right on the line. Go to the box to the left of Croc and Cyborg (demolition suit) destroy. Build parts. Several times a jump on the pump and flush with Cyborg (Giant suit) Quick time event and beat Killer Croc.

First drones destroy, then defeat bat and Lex Luthor appears. Switch to Superman and shoot him with constant laser sight. Then defeat the left stick and shoot again with Laser Vision on Lex Luthor. Then turn right again to defeat bat. Build platform in the middle and build with Superman generator. With Superman high platform and destroy gold object with laser sight. Build ladder. High and left destroy Batman suit with magnetic container. Electric suit collect and boot up. Down to the generator and discharged.

Part 5 - The Big Grapple

You can you still around freely. In the video we are once ran short in some key areas (Hall of Justice, Batcave, etc.).

Follow the blue transparent Studs to the Security Cells.

Destroy apparatus in the middle with Batman (Electric suit). Take over the hole and control of the figure behind the glass with Martian Manhunter. Pull the lever. Link to the golden wall and Cyborg (demolition suit) destroy crates. Then, with his laser cut out and continue the bat symbol.

Use Martian Manhunter and to the left, then scan environment and switch to Cyborg (magnetic suit). Crane pull forward. Then take with Martian Manhunter control of the caretaker. Continue on the right up the stairs to the computer and sort color rings.

With heap of earth dug Cheetah and assemble platform. With Flash it and three parts sightings, so the robot is pushed back. Set to red switch from the elevator. Right up the stairs and on the engine with Wonder Woman pulling. Down and ruin everything. Build treadmill and running with Flash on it.

With Wonder Woman set on platform and laser target the gold fields. Build right switch and unplug it.

Right down and do the opponents. Switch to Batman (Tarn-suit) and assign the left and right color switches. Switch to Cyborg (Tarn-suit) and go up further. With Batman on middle switch behind the green wall push to pass cyborg. With Cyborg defeat enemies, activate right ahead and computers. Jump further with Batman to the right.

Take Batman (space suit) and cut with laser golden wall. At Joker (magnetic suit) switch and pull down the lever to release cyborg. Switch to Cyborg (Giant suit) and pull to the right of the green handles. Keep moving and do opponents. Bring justice with Batman (Tarn-suit) the piston on a line. Go with Batman on the box and record (Arctic suit). Links up with Cyborg (demolition suit) and Luke destroy Batman (Arctic suit) freeze water.

Destroy ice wall with Cyborg (Giant suit). Top defeat opponents. Pull up with J oker (magnetic suit) right cover, then pull the lever. Left the record (Floral print dress) with Joker. Link take control of rackets and pull the lever.

Right on, do opponents and build machine. Lex Luthor (space suit) and charge right up. Golden weglasern barrier and pull up with Robin. Pull cover with Robin (magnet suit) and illuminants suit charging. Link into the water, destroy everything and build apparatus. Switch to Robin (technology-suit) and activate switches.

Front lift up to lift and to target with gripper Brainiacs spaceship.

Part 6 - The Lantern Menace

Studs highly transparent to Plastic Man follow the right and talk to him. Take Batman (Tarn-suit), make invisible and attack Mr. Freeze. Then scan area (above the door) and crystal-crushing with Baterangs. Build parts and drill wall with Plastic Man. In the hangar right up and defeat opponents. With Batman (Arctic suit) put out fires and build switches. Start computer and find numbers in mini-game and attack.

Go with Batman on the hook and lift up head. Batman (Tarn-suit) use and make it invisible. Then throw the switch. With Lex Luthor (Hazard Suit) Switch on and to the right (Tarn-suit) to clear the way. Continue on the right and go to Batman (sonar suit). Destroy glass and go to Grundy. In soil and dig into the circular saws car again to get ahead. Then first do the bat.

Take Batman (sonar suit) and destroy glass in the middle. Law with electric suit on and above with (power suit) destroy Silver wall. Cut with Batman (space suit) golden area with laser. Link charging generator (electric-suit). Switch to Lex Luthor and add them to the middle (shield-suit). Go through the flames and activate switches. Switch to Lex Luthor (space suit) and cut with laser golden area. Below build platform and build with Flash screen. Defeat left the bat.

Right ahead and bat in the room do. Enable links with Robin (technology-suit) switch. Switch and run up to Robin (magnetic suit). With grappling hook to pull and build a generator. Take Cyborg (space suit) and on a generator to charge up. Flying high with Cyborg (Electric suit) withdraw generator power. Fly on the right with (space suit) and with (Electric suit). Switch to Robin (magnetic suit) and walk up right. Robin (hazard suit) take and move the lever. Through the great gate on.

Cyborg utilize (Magnet-suit) and over the platform forward. With (demolition suit) right and left destroy generators. Do the front of opponents. High, then turn staircase on the left and right of the switches. Build platform and go up with Wonder Woman and redirect laser on the red. Continue straight.

Defeat bat and complete with Batman Quick time event: the fight against Brainiac. Defeat again complete with bat and Grundy Quick time event. Shield of Brainiac dissolves. Brainiac beating and the subsequent flight sequence dodge the parts.

Part 7- Europe Against It

The ice cream stands in front of the "Eiffel Tower" destroy and go way to the pier. Left on the truck destroy golden parts with Superman's laser sight. Soak up with Batman (diving suit) and jump into the river. Jump to the other side and destroy the right truck with Batman (power suit). Right down the street.

Defeat the thugs on Fountain Square and Batman (Tarn-suit) scan environment. With grappling hook to pull the debris and continue along the road. Am Platz defeat several waves of thugs. Switch to Batman (diving suit) and right pull down the bridge. Then run up and the front of the biplane with Batman (Tarn-suit) scan environment. Destroy Superman's laser glance golden area and defeat other thugs in the street. Right on.

Destroy Batman (sonar suit) glass phone booth. Batman (Electric suit) takes and builds a generator. Batman (Tarn-suit) takes and scan environment then pull the top of the phone booth. Bat handle and right next to the river. Fly with Superman over the poison and destroy golden anchors right at the bridge with the laser sight. Build the generator with Batman (Electric suit) and evade current. Through the gate on.

20 hooligans beat. In the next area again do some bats. Wait until Brainiac throws debris. This builds up and redirect laser. Then, with Superman's laser views aimed at the spaceship (or with Batman Baterangs). Right on, again defeating bats and redirect laser with debris. Repeat the games right again and you have defeated the spaceship.

Part 8 - Big Trouble in Little Gotham

Go to Computer ball and place in mini-game Brainiac and beat. Three times in total. Then the building destroy the green tanks in the level and build parts. From Turn switch to bring out the tank. Destroy everything and left and right as possible with Lex Luthor (hazard suit) absorb parts and fill in the tank.

Switch to Cyborg (Giant suit) and include green tank. Then target and discard it. At the fair with Joker (Electric suit) on the ship cripple the generator and build parts. At Joker (ball-suit) switch.

Manege by rolling pull apart. Switch to Flash and jump. Destroy the Big Wheel Lego objects and build treadmill. Run it with Flash. Build platform and jump down below. With Flash parts at target and build roller coaster tracks. With Joker (Electric suit) generator with power.

Pull right with Robin on the hook and climb ladder. (Diving suit) collect and destroy golden right in the water hatches with laser. Switch to Cheetah and dig. With Robin (diving suit) bud destroy (laser). Link destroy area with Grundy and also destroy Knopse. On the far left also. Switch to Grundy and dig in the greenhouse in soil. Switch to Robin and pull gun with grappling hooks.

Attacks of Brainiacs spaceship dodge and so once again defeat bat. Tentacles with Baterang to target (top). In the next phase destroy the tentacles with Batman (power suit). Then destroy the last tentacle with the same method. Then build platform and Wonder Woman the laser at the red "teeth".

Part 9 - The Power of Love

Right up the stairs and destroy stones with Cyborg (sonar suit). Build platform and Flash target the three labeled parts to build pump. Jump over the plants up and destroy the right Lego objects. Beyond current with Cyborg (Electric suit) and go on. In the next area once beat the bat. Switch to Martian Manhunter and go right through the green hole in the force field. Turn left and pull the handles. Then to Cyborg (magnetic suit) change and remove the left guard and destroy with Laser Vision golden wall.

Then build treadmill and use it with Flash. Continue on the right and Cyborg (magnetic suit) Open object and build a generator. Switch to refuel and Cyborg (space suit). Links take with Martian Manhunter up and control of bat. Destroy shield and switch to Cyborg (Electric suit) and withdraw generator power. Right to fly over and run with cyborg generator power. In the field of force to destroy everything and build golden harp. Destroy Martian Manhunters laser sight.

Defeat the stairs continue up and the bat. Use Martian Manhunter and analyiseren environment. Slip through the green hole and destroy the Golden Legos with the laser glance top right. Back and jump over the flowers to the top. With Cyborg (demolition suit) right and left the silver destroy plants. Build a platform for Flash and then assemble with all Flash objects labeled to a restaurant. With Cyborg (magnetic suit) to blow up a restaurant. Right ahead and destroy all objects. Build heart and go with Cyborg (Giant suit) the green handles. Then throw your heart on the pink monster.

Part 10 - A blue Hope

Shoot with the spacecraft 50 spacecraft. Then shoot the missiles at the tentacles and shoot more drones. On the planet destroy the light pink flower and build platform. With the flash will mark the wood and shred. Switch to Martian Manhunter and right tree scan. Through the green hole and continue with Laser Vision destroy the golden object. With Cyborg (demolition suit) right to jump over to the plant and destroy the left silver object. Climb up and destroy silver object above again.

Go on lianas and defeat beetles. Ready to assemble platform and Flash Carnivorous Plant. Destroy silver object in the cave with Cyborg (demolition suit). With Martian Manhunter through the hole. Switch to Cyborg (magnetic suit) and pull on blue spot right below. Right on, defeat beetles and drag Cyborg (magnetic suit) on the arms of the beetle to liberate Saint Walker. With Martian Manhunter scan area and dig with Saint Walker and assemble sculpture.

Part 11 - Jailhouse Nok

Law with Cyborg bend and move on (magnetic suit) bars. Fly over with Martian Manhunter right and defeat opponents. Scan area and destroy with Laser Vision golden area of the spider. Destroy the grass on the green wall and rotate blocks until all arrows light up. Continue on the right and Cyborg (magnetic suit) open goal. Back of the room with Cyborg (demolition suit) free skeleton and build statue. Always go there through the doors where studs are to be seen.

In the next area to the right with Martian Manhunter scan around and break up with his big mold wall. Assemble pipes and Cyborg (magnetic suit) run up and escape with (Electric suit) generator power. Down over the bridge. Build treadmill and set with Flash lift force. Pull-up and Cyborg in the box and assemble parts. Charging generator (electric-suit). In the space to the printing plates questions and go back through the doors.

Defeat bat and Indigo-1 with remote weapon hit (facing). Scan box at the right environment and destroy Cyborg (magnetic suit). Then again Idigo-1 shoot. Second box with Martian Manhunter scan and destroy Cyborg (magnetic suit). Build platform in the middle and with Flash target the four parts to assemble.

Part 12 - All the Rage

Dig up the green sign on and with the Green Lantern in the foxhole. Assemble platform and lever with Green Lantern cover and shoot. Continue running and redirect the laser with Wonder Woman on the gold fields. Switch to Grundy and earlier hit the wall. Go with Robin on the hook and build bottom right platform. Produce with Green Lantern bridge and left high. Pull right with Grundy the green handles and throw against the heads. Go with Robin / Wonder Woman on the hook and build pump. Then turn on the pump.

Sink with Grundy in the ground and get into drill. Continue walking and jump over to the right. Feed on and jump with Robin on the hook goal. Make spines broken and strike with Grundy wall. Build platform and generate ship with Green Lantern. Right over left and run up further. Take care of the balls and rackets and build up the object and throw with Grundy left against the wall. Go with Robin / Wonder Woman to grapple point and drill right with Green Lantern in the foxhole. Build cover.

The Taurus dodge again and again until it finds digs in the ground. Then jump into blender button on it and complete quick-time event. Then repeat the whole procedure two more times and you have made it.

Part 13 - Need for Greed

Right move with Batman from a distance at the grappling hook goal. Keep moving left and create a bridge with Wonder Woman. Run up stairs and go to Grundy. Go left on the ground. In water cannon and shoot put obstacle broken. Fly with Wonder Woman to the yellow flower and pull on it. In addition, pull out the stairs with the grappling hook. Links with Baterang shoot down objects and build a platform for Green Lantern. With saw the blue flower free and pull on it.

Jump down to the right and Grundy sink into the hole in the ground to get out of cannon. With Wonder Woman to the orange flower fly up and pull on it. Build rotary switch and turn on the green side to open goal. By Tor and make a left smash the undergrowth. Build platform and create with Green Lantern fan. High hovering and drag left Grundy with the green handles. Build platform and colors Remember (pink, orange, green and red). Direct the laser properly with Wonder Woman.

Right on. By destroying the Green Lantern on the other side and the Lego objects. Platform to build and assemble bridge. Switch to Grundy and brown wall to take. Build platform and activate with Green Lanterns ball right up the elevator. Drag Grundy the green handles and rebuild platform. Remember colors (blue, orange, purple, and red). Then the laser redirect properly again with Wonder Woman. Up to the mouth of the statue fly and pull the grappling hook goal. Turn down the rotary switch and go on.

Laarfleeze and his goons attack until he has lost three hearts. Then while dodging until he leaves the ground. Switch to Grundy and bury themselves. With Green Lantern grappling hook on target pull to open casket. Pull back Laarfleeze three hearts, dodge and create links with Green Lantern gift.

Part 14 - Aw-Qward Situation

Destroy drones with spaceship and take Sinestros spaceship with rockets total 4x. Then go ahead and do Sinestros boxes and bat. With Batman (power suit) at the top left to destroy the silver ring. Assemble parts and tighten with Grundy the green handles. Right along with Batman and more (Electric suit) jump up quickly right. Defeat enemies and use (Tarn-suit). Make and pull invisible. Links and further defeat bat. Pull with (Electric suit) stream.

Destroy justice with Batman (space suit) golden object. Aim Wonder Woman laser on Killer Croc. Grundy accept defeat and Croc in a quick-time event. Next go and liberate with Green Lantern out of his hands. Right Pipe destroy and build platform. Rotate Green Lanten at the crank. Go with the other characters on the crates and from there right up. Make it invisible with Batman (Tarn-suit) and pull the grappling hook goal. High hovering and jump over to the left.

With (electrical suit) set in motion and lift the left. Defeat bat and go with Solomon Grundy left the green handles and build platform. Then build the battering ram with Green Lantern and Sinestro to fly over. Subsequently, the Quick time event complete.

Part 15 - Breaking The Ice Ending

Defeat 20 rackets and then draw Laarfleezes laser to the center to bundle him. Then again defeat 20 rackets and Grundy Atrocitus combat (buttons stated repeatedly press). Then again focus the laser.

Attacks of Superman dodge and block of ice smashed. This build ups again and destroy the blocks of ice. Again deviate from Superman's attacks, so as not to break. Build the parts then only together and flips the lever. Then release the bats on Superman and defeat 30 clubs. Lastly, even destroy the ice chunks and build platform with Flash highlight the three luminous parts and run on the treadmill left.