Battle Resort guide: Pokemon - Omega Ruby, Alpha Sapphire (3DS)

Hello Games Tips User! In time for the release of the new editions Pokemon - Omega Ruby and Pokemon Alpha Sapphire, or remake, we have listed all arenas for the eight badges. For each badge you find the location, the type of the arena, the trainer in the arena and of course information about the Gym Leader and a strategy against him. The arenas are listed as they graze in the game, as usual; If you do not know where to start some Pokémon which we call the Guide, simply look at our Pokemon - Omega Ruby / Alpha Sapphire  (3DS) Walkthrough, we have listed all the routes.

Stone Badge

The stone is the first religious orders, which you can get in the Hoen region. The Arena is found in Rustboro City, the first major city. As probably already seen is the type of arena rock.

• Teenagers Gaston with small stone 7, 9
• Teenagers Dominik with small stone 10
• School Children with Ariane small stone 10
• Gym Leader Felizia with small stone 12, Nasgnet 14

For those who Geckarbor or Mudkip taken as a starter, the arena should really not be a problem, you should have your team so around level 14-16. With Flame it is somewhat difficult because Felizias Pokémon use both rock grave. You should carefully avoid it to be taken away, because rock attacks are very effective against fire. But when you have a Mudkip or Geckarbor, simply put your plants / water attacks, then it should be fast. For anyone Torchic: Catch you on the best a water Pokemon, Wingull, for example. This can already Water Gun and should be sufficient to Felizia to its knees.

Knuckle Badge

The ankle Order should be your next destination, if not running what is wrong. The Arena is found in Faust Haven, you get there with the sailor to the right of Petalburg City. As you might have guessed, is this arena type fight.

• Campaigner Laura Meditite 13
• Black Belt with Satoru Machollo 13
• Tamara fighter with Meditite 11, Machollo 11
• Gym Leader Kamillo with Machollo 14, Makuhita 16

This arena should not be a problem because his team has three weaknesses namely Psycho, flight and Fee. You should have at least one of these types, otherwise it will be difficult. Your team should then move to the level 16 or higher. Possible Pokémon would be to survive in the arena: Taillow, Trasla or Abra. Kamillo actually has no attacks with which it can really harm you, if you like I said is one of the three types use. In the arena a little mystery: every time you step on the switch goes to the light and you see the way, it remembers you well, because you must find him blind.

Dynamo Badge

The Dynamo Medal is the third on your journey through Hoen. The Arena is located in Mauville namely at center back, because where you have fought against Heiko. In the arena, everything revolves around the electric type.

• Guitarist Chuck with Magnemite 16, Frizebliz 16
• Egon teenager with Frizebliz 17
• Bärbel fighter with Meditite 19
• Reinhard guitarist with Voltorb 15, 17
• Gym Leader Walter with Magnemite 19, Magneton 21, 19 Voltorb

People you or Torchic Mudkip have taken, should have a slight advantage, the rest has neither an advantage nor a disadvantage because you probably still have no floor Pokémon. Your team should be level 25 or higher, otherwise it can be close. In the arena there are many Magnetilos and Frizebliz, Magnetilos have a weakness to fire, here Junglut is recommended. With Morabel you had even a soil type are, which is contrary to all electric Pokemon advantageous because you are very effective and, conversely, the thing is not effective. Because as I said previously, it is still no other soil Pokemon, people have to fight with Torchic and Geckarbor no real type advantage, but even that is quite possible. Taillow we would not recommend this time, nor Wingull or other water / flying Pokemon. An annoying attack by Walter volts AC, as the Pokemon automatically comes after the execution back to him. So therefore expects that your attack does not hit the current Pokemon. An otherwise as I said be careful that it is not very effective strikes your team. If you like you can catch her in front of the city, a Frizebliz, an electric Pokemon does not hurt later.

Heat Badge

We come next to this Order, it is the fourth. The Arena is located in Lavaridge, you reach it from the through ball. In the arena is all about the type of fire, as can be seen in its name.

• Hothead with Hendrik Numel 23, Slugma 23
• Hothead Hagen with Slugma 25
• Chantal fighter with Meditite 26
• Ninja Boy Raphael with Koffing 24
• Ace Trainer Otbert with Slugma 24
• Hothead Hartman Numel 25
• Gym Leader Flavia with Slugma 26, Numel 26, Torkoal 28

People with Geckarbor have a disadvantage here, the rest should come through well. If you have no water Pokémon, a Pokémon floor recommends. Your team should be at around level 30, up always open. In the fight with Flavia especially people with Geckarbor should not be too often met with fire attacks careful because the rapidly leads to the end. Especially the first Torkoal is a sunny day, which increases the fire attacks again. Swellow at this point would be a good choice, Morabel course and a Georock would certainly also a good Pokemon for your team, as it is rock / soil. In the arena there is a mystery of moving plates, we help you through it. Come first on the platform in front of you, then you fall down a level. Down it goes on the right panel. Then on top of the plate in front of you. Then it goes on the plate at the left edge, then climb onto the plate at the back. Now onto the plate which is furthest right. After again down and bottom trainer then again on the left to your and you're there.

Balance Badge

For these orders, which is the fifth in the series, we return to Petalburg City because where we have already met at the beginning of our father. Meanwhile, we should be strong enough to defeat him. In his arena is all about the normal type. Your team should be at least level 30 in order to survive against Norman can.

• Ace trainer Yvonne with Delcatty 28
• Ace trainer Hubert with Delcatty 28
• Ace trainer Ramona with Gera Badger 28
• Ace trainer Patrick with Gera Badger 28
• Ace trainer Nils with Gera Badger 28
• Ace trainer Christian with Zangoose 28
• Ace Trainer Roswita with Zangoose 28
• Gym Leader Norman with Letarking 28,

The strategy in this case is not great especially because in reverse only fight is effectively an advantage for those who started with Torchic. For all others, we recommend to catch a Machollo when you will not have very effective attacks otherwise and without this it is really difficult here. Degree which is very important in his Letarking at level 30 because it can defeat you very quickly if you need too long. Cover you in any case with a soaking, so you can heal if necessary. The path through the arena is quite simple, by which doors you go does not matter.

Spring Badge

Now we take care of the sixth order. This we can get in tree Hausen-City. However, before we go to Arena, we need to briefly stop by on Route 120 and maintained by Troy the Devo-Scope. We can then remove the invisible blockade. In the arena is all about the type of flight, a level of at least 35 is compulsory under it, it becomes critical.

• Fowler Sven with Swellow 30, Skarmory 30
• Picknicker Mireille with Swablu 31
• Camper Nestor with Dodu 28, 30 Pelipper
• Fowler Björn with Dodrio 32
• Fowler Zamir with Pelipper 32
• Gym Leader Wiebke with Swellow 33, Altaria 35, Pelipper 33, Skarmory 33

The puzzle in this arena is not really that hard, it's just a matter through the revolving doors come. It's very simple, if you think a bit. The strategy against Wiebke course recommend first effective types. In this case, the electric and rock would. A good choice would be for example a Manectric, a Frizebliz is catchable below the bike path, or a Georock, a small stone would be catchable above Mauville City. People with Geckabor should not be taken to be careful with people Torchic Mudkip or should not have any problems. Otherwise, it is always nice to meet Wiebke attacks with electric or rock. Your Skarmory also has a weakness to fire, attack on the ground should be avoided. So if you have at least an effective type, this arena should not be a problem.

Mental Badge

Our trip to all arenas approaches the end, because we are already in the seventh, ie the seventh order. We find this in Moss Creek City after we have the Team Aqua / Magma made hideout. In this arena, it's all about the Psychic-type, level 45 is at least required. We had the worst Pokémon 45, the best 48th

• Psycho Urban with Kadabra 42
• Psycho Jonas with Kadabra 40, Medicham 40
• Witch Gundula with Kirlia 39, 39 Grumpig
• Psycho Xaver with Claydol 39, 41 Starmie
• Witch Walburga with Palimpalim 41
• Psycho Zoltan with Kadabra 40, Girafarig 40
• Gym Leader Ben & Svenja with Lunatone 45, 45 Sonfel

Here, too, the way is through the arena again quite simple, you should get away fast. A special feature this time is that the Gym Leader battle in a double battle. Both your Pokémon are 45 and are both of type psycho / rock. Psycho against you will probably have nothing, because that Unlicht, mind or beetles would be necessary. Except people with Geckarbor as this learned later Fury Cutter. The rest should focus on rock, here are namely water, plant, combat and ground. However, fighting and ground are only just there effective, the Pokémon are also still Psychic-type. You can cancel soil, however, as both have the ability to float. Consequently, Blaziken and Sumpex would be a good choice. If you've caught you a Poochyena, this can attack, as well as a Manectric, since this bite learned. A Breloom or Tropius would be possible Grass-type, you can also catch a water-type Pokémon. Fits otherwise, that ye be not too often taken by the Psycho attacks and remember that both opponents Pokémon can aim at one of you. If you still have an appropriate level as before the above, nothing was supposed to happen, but always take a few potions and animator with, if something goes wrong.

Cloudy Badge

After we have successfully stopped and caught Kyogre Groudon and it continues with the eighth order. This can be found in the same Xeneroville and, at the center of the lake. There, you will always encounter the type of water. A level of 48 would be highly recommended grade for Wassilis Milotic.

• Beauty Daniela with Golduck 41, Wailord 41
• Brat Frieda Ludicolo 42
• Brat Adelheid with LUVDISC 39, 41 Seadra
• Pokefan Evelyn Azumarill 43
• Beauty Tia with Starmie 43
• Lady Natasha Perlu 41, Corsola 41
• Beauty Francesca with Aalabyss 43
• Beauty Samla with Saga Abyss 43
• Gym leader Vasily with Luvdisc 44, Whiscash 44, Sealeo 44, Milotic 46, Seaking 44

The Arena puzzle is once again a little harder, you have namely on each glass bottom plate meet at least once, but only once, otherwise you fall down. Considering that in your way, but you should also fall down, otherwise you do not come to train in the arena. The strategy against Vassily is as always: Employ effective types. In this case the plant, power would. People with Sceptile here should have no problems, so long is the Level 48. If you use electric, so, for example, Manectric, you have to be careful with Whiscash, as it is soil type. His Milotic is again a number by itself, because it is an extremely powerful Pokémon and also dominated water ring. Otherwise, there are not really any surprises, simply avoid the use of Pokémon that have a type disadvantage, then you should include these orders quickly.