DAI -The High Dragon- tips to become mighty dragon-slayer

Since Origins, the first installment of Dragon Age series is the epic battle against the winged and scaly giant lizard, then, that even in Dragon Age: Inquisition, the third installment in the popular RPG series, again brings many of these mysterious creatures. Without proper planning and equipment that is always adapted to the particular dragon, our chances are extremely poor. But as elaborate preparation, it is worthwhile to take this strenuous effort in coming. Alone fame, chased all the high dragons and defeated, makes for a satisfying feeling in the game.

The skills of the Dragon

Armored: The Dragon can produce block (additional protection), you have to destroy it first in the battle before you can harm the creature.

Furious: The dragon is using his elemental ability a devastating attack surface in a range of about 40 meters a.

Chill: The Dragon inflicts cold damage. This can be neutralized with fire damage.

Electricity: The dragon caused electricity damage that can be neutralized by spirit damage.

Fire: The Dragon caused fire damage, cold damage seems better but contrary.

Matriarch: The dragon can cause kite boy who aid him in battle. With a loud cry that stuns your group, he calls it brought in several phases.

1. High Dragon: The Ferelden Frostback

Fiery breath: Before the attacks of Ferelden Frostback you have to take him in Eight - otherwise your group suffers major damage and its unnecessarily consumed potions.

Location: The hinterland - Lady Shayanas Valley
Resistance: Fire
Vulnerability: Cold
Skills: matriarch, fire
Recommended Level: 12+

Group recommendation: A Warrior (Sword + Shield), a villain, two Mage (Frost rods)
The fight: Prepare yourself before the fight with matching weapons - Frost rods for the Mage, Frost runes for the other fighters. Once you Lady Shayanas valley tread upon, you will encounter the monster. The kicks with which the dragon provides the melee are clearly indicated - that is jumping with the villains off or blocking it with your shield. The fire breath can be rapidly fatal. Although it is announced, but there is enough time then hardly yet to respond. Equip your companion so with fire resistance of or changes to manual control to bring them out of the line of fire. Caution must also be in their wing beat and the loud screamer exercise. The group suffered severe damage is anesthetized and their attacks are deflected. Through its ability "matriarch" the dragon summon his boys and let them fight at his side. Turn out it quickly, because they can be annoying to a threat. But at the same time respect the dragon - it flies into the air, it sweeps the valley with fire breath and the group is seriously injured. With the right combination of skill and preparation we can confront the giant. A warrior can effectively fill up with derision and block capabilities, while the remainder is available on the flanks and so escapes the fire breath. A magician who has the ability to "cure" may be worth gold in this fight and turn the tide at the crucial moment.

2. High Dragon: The Vinsomer

Long way: Until we can ask ourselves the Vinsomer on the coast storm, we must first have to complete the mission "Red Water" contest. Only then we can row the boat to Dragon Island.

Location: The Storm Coast - Dragon Island
Resistance: Electricity
Vulnerability: Spirit
Skills: Armored, Furious, electricity
Recommended Level: 15+
Group recommendation: A warrior (sword + shield, two-handed weapon), a villain, two mages (with rods spirit damage)
The Battle: The electrified dragon forces us to equip all companions as well as possible with electricity resistance. Weapons, make the damage in this direction are useless - rather we should take advantage of the weakness of the Vinsomer and equip our weapons with spirit damage runes. As for skills and attacks, it is very similar to Ferelden Frostback. With kicks to his legs or tail-beats, and then can be so easy for your troop to deal. As a very active dragon he often hovers in the air and thus provides little tank attack.

Rely in these situations so on your range and weakens the tireless block strip of Vinsomer. On one of his special abilities you need to give special care: flash of batting around his neck, point to a coming discharge of electricity. Unleash the Vinsomer its electric breath, he sweeps so that a large area in front of his head and can therefore in seconds your characters seriously injure or even kill. So change to manual control and brings the fighters at the right moment from the trajectory.

3. High Dragon: The Northern Hunters

Location: Crest Forest
Resistance: Electricity
Vulnerability: Spirit
Abilities: Furious, Electricity
Recommended Level: 13+
Group Recommendation: Two warriors (sword + shield, two-handed weapon), two magicians (with bars, frost or fire damage or were enchanted with spirit damage)
The Battle: Similar to the Vinsomer also the northern hunters can unleash its electric breath and use it as a weapon against you. So that makes you focus on and bring your fighter safety. The wild beast also sit down with her pretty vitality - it jumps and races through the area can not be taunt and their attacks always focus on who lands the hardest blow. Therefore, rogue daggers have it in this fight very hard, because they must position themselves correctly to get out of their attacks the most damage out. Warriors are in contrast, however irreplaceable. With their armor and the ability to build block, they defy the damage of the beast. Basically, your group should pay attention to the blows of the limbs of course again to collect any unnecessary damage and wasting potions pointless. Start the Inquisitor the fight with full focus bar we can add to the northern hunters with our time the crack considerable damage.

4. High Dragon: The Abyssal High Dragon

Location: In the south of the wasteland, after carrying out the tasks of the researcher Frederic
Resistance: Fire
Vulnerability: Cold
Skills: Armoured, fire
Recommended Level: 14+
Group recommendation: A Warrior (Sword + Shield), a villain, two mages (with bars, frost damage)
The Battle: Before you can fight against the red monster, you must first consider the various missions of the researcher Frederic meet, only then appeared on the dragon. Well equipped with fire-resistance and Cold damage we go into battle with the Abyssal high dragon. In this case, our tank with as much damage trying to draw attention to yourself, while the rangers are on the flanks of the Dragon.

Trying to keep your party always out of the firing line of fire breath and give heed to the fireballs flying in random directions. Once hit by a projectile, the victim suffers considerable damage. The melee should also be prepared for the attacks by claws or tail. Build the creature with its wings a wind barrier on, she fends off all ranged attacks. Then quickly changes into the melee attack to keep up the pressure. Besides, we start the fight with a full focus indicator, we can the creature equal to the force of our time the crack and let them feel the same as well start at the beginning of the battle.

5. High Dragon: The Gamoran Stormrider

Location: Raised levels - in the northern
Resistance: Electricity
Vulnerability: Spirit
Skills: Electricity
Recommended Level: 13+
Group recommendation: A Warrior (Sword + Shield), a villain (Ranged), two magicians (with rods that cause non-electrical damage)
The Battle: As for melee attacks, the Stormrider fights like the other dragons of its kind careful of kicks, blows angle and his piercing roar in eight. Here he uses his special power the electric breath, one, the real danger comes up to you. Then leave with all group members, the water immediately, otherwise they will be stunned in a very short time and suffer considerable damage. Throughout the fight, it seems as if the creature act arbitrarily and randomly chose to attack targets. For melee combat this could therefore be a problem when the dragon jumping around again and can not be influenced by mockery. Your tank can not just use its massive blows to direct attacks. Therefore, it is useful not only to have electricity resistance in the baggage, but also items that reduce the anesthetic effects. For group members but basically offer to explosive fire with which they have been provided previously. With bees swarming, etc. of the Dragon can then be frightened.

6. High Dragon: The Greater Mistral

Location: The Emerald graves - in the northern
Resistance: Cold
Vulnerability: Fire
Skills: Armoured, cold
Recommended Level: 17+
Group Recommendation: Two warriors (sword + shield, two-handed weapon), a villain, a magician
The fight: Since the Mistral is an ice dragon with a weakness to fire, we naturally sure to provide our group with resistance to cold and fire-power. There she prefers often fighters who are staying away from some of the group. Therefore, always give up your archers and mages night, so they don’t come under the scrutiny of the monster. Another capability of the Dragon is beating its wings. As a result, it generates a wind vortex that pulls zoom all the group members who are outside a certain range in itself and it will cause them harm. So fit right from the moment and control all close to the creature zoom, so as to escape the maelstrom. Therefore, it is advisable to take two warriors that are not used by the vortex and are ready for punches and kicks.

If the magician with "step into the void" and the villain with "jump shot" or "avoid" feature, you increase the probability of survival of the two, since they can go into the center of the vortex themselves without suffering too much damage. In addition, "reviving" an essential skill for your mages to help the group in tricky situations back to full strength. In the later fight you bombard the dragon from the air with targeted water ice. Bring the best fire resistance with the struggle in order to operate against its hazardous ice attacks.

7. High Dragon: The Hivernal

Location: Emprise du Lion
Resistance: Cold
Vulnerability: Fire
Abilities: Furious, cold
Recommended Level: 19+
Group recommendation: A Warrior (Sword + Shield), a villain, two mages (with bars, fire damage)
The fight: Have you picked up the quest at Baron Edouard Desjardins, you make yourselves from chasing the first of the three dragons, the Hivernal. Cold protection is essential in this ice dragon - as well as weapons cause the fire damage. The mages are best equipped not only with healing and protection spells, but also with fire magic. The creature will fire at regular intervals on a group member is unpredictable and very annoying, because the victims become freeze completely. In combination with a melee attack can make your fighter quickly incapacitate the Hivernal. Keep in mind however, guide all your members, if necessary, manually from the target area. Another ability of Hivernal is the wind barrier that causes all the fighters in an area where significant damage and also still deflects all remote shells. After a certain time, the dragon is getting into the air and shoots at your group from there. Always remains strictly in motion in order to escape the attacks.

8. High Dragon: Kaltenzahn

Location: Emprise du Lion
Resistance: Cold
Vulnerability: Fire
Skills: Armored, matriarch, cold
Recommended Level: 21+
Group Recommendation: Two warriors (sword + shield), a villain, a magician (with a staff of Fire damage)
The Battle: As was the Hivernal also has the cold tooth the ability to be sensitive to ridicule, deafening roar and to display a block strip which can quickly pull the fight in the length. Due to its size, the Kaltenzahn is one of the most impressive dragon. His frosty breath leaves a trail of ice formations that slow down your fighters and harm them. He also spits your group of heroes from the air or from its landing point, the ruins on the west side.

His flapping means danger for all rangers who are within the area of effect. If his health declined by half, he calls with a roar brought his boys to assist him in battle. Since each roar stuns your heroes, it is advisable to have killed each group of dragons coming before the next horde of lethal lizards babies. If you can draw on a stocked Focus bar, you did a good job. Look away this Inquisitor ability for the final phase in order to give the Kaltenzahn the last bit.

9. High Dragon: The Highland Ravager

Location: Emprise du Lion
Resistance: Fire
Vulnerability: Cold
Skills: Armored, Furious, matriarch, fire
Recommended Level: 22+
Group recommendation: A Warrior (Sword + Shield), a villain, two mages (with bars, frost damage)
The Battle: The third of the three dragons in high Emprise du Lion is the strongest and will therefore demand a lot of your group. Therefore, bring you right at the beginning in position and use the state of the sleeping dragon. If he then also equal assigned a time of the crack, you have the element of surprise and perfect use could you have him pull off so much of his life bar. But the beast is once awakened, one should be wary of its strong melee attacks beware. With protection spells and shields, all members should adequately protect themselves. A special ability, the creature has the ability to bury the ground with a flood of fire. Keep it always in mind - when he rears up and appear on the ground golden circles, you should quickly flee from the area. As the cold also causes the Highland Ravager at only 50% of his health his dangerous boys bring that support. Bring them quickly to the case to be not eventually overrun by their mass, if the group is stunned by the roar again and again.

10. High Dragon: The Sands Howler

Location: The wasteland
Resistance: Fire
Vulnerability: Cold
Skills: Armored, matriarch, fire
Recommended Level: 20+
Group recommendation: A Warrior (Sword + Shield), a villain, two mages (with bars, add the frost damage)
The struggle: this dragon is also located at the beginning of the fight still in deep sleep - that is instantly available from the time of the crack to put pressure on his health meter at the beginning. Here we also use weapons with frost damage and armor with fire-resistance, there is initially good for us. The dragon gust of wind makes it more difficult for all tank characters dealing damage. When the magician however equips all melees with protective spells, this gust of need pay no attention and can continue to strike at the dragon.

Like on some other dragons can also sand Howler call his small allies and so make our lives and fight hard. Once we have managed to shrink the health of the beast to 50%, you oppose dragon boy. Concentrate in this case first on the troublesome offspring and destroy it before you block. Basically, in this case the same tactic, as with the other dragons: the boys off quickly before you run over the next group. As a reward for the victorious battle beckons you valuable booty.