Divinity Original Sin: Cyseal Skill Merchants / Sight Seeing Locations

Cyseal: Skill Book Merchants

In Divinity: Original Sin it is not always easy to find the right merchant for your class, there is no single central point and some retailers are hiding something. As you can trade with almost every person, it happens now and then that one of the more important NPC sells new skills. To acquire skills books in Cyseal, you must find it from the following distributors:

Man-at-arms: Aureus, the headquarters of the Legion. He is also your contact person for many quests.

Pyrokinetic: Arhu, headquarters of the Legion, upper floor.

Geomancer: Also Arhu.

Hydrosophist: Cylia has a booth right in the marketplace.

Aerotheurge: Also Cylia.

Marksman: Fletcher has to take a stand on the left side of the square.

Witchcraft, Scoundrel: Travel dealer Shereth. She lives in a room on the top floor of the tavern "To King Crab".

Villain: Also Shereth.

Cyseal: Sight Seeing / Secondary Tasks Locations

Welcome to Cyseal! The city is big and buzzing with life. There are many quests and plenty to do, but also some minor jobs and in useful places we want to list here. The first: You should have your companions Madora and Jahan, they make fights a lot more easier.

Immediately after our arrival is on the left of us a ship that caught fire during the attack of the Orcs and the attempt is made to delete some sailors. The sailors are no match for the fire. As we have recommended, the two scrolls of rain taken at the beginning, you can now use one and the spell on the ship unloaded to save it and thereby to pocket 900 XP. The scrolls are near the dead on the beach where you have found the statues of the Journal, and in the crypt, just north of the huge fire puddle that you have removed it. If you don’t have the roles, you can still get - but don’t be too long, the ship always takes more damage.

Divinity: Original Sin walkthrough

In front of the ship is an ornamental peace. These chests often contain really good loot, but this is behind a shut-Tau, we can not cut through here. There are probably several ways to get to the chest, but the easiest is to wait for one of your Aerotheurges, for example Jahan, learn a teleportation skill to get the box.

On the south of the wharf three are unemployed sailor named Philip, Louis and Max, who ask us to go for it on a job. North of the dock is the nearest harbor, this time for Cyseal - port.

A note by the way: You must collect almost all the boxes, chests and other plunder containers, but most of the loose stuff lying around in Cyseal belong to someone. If you are dyed red with the mouse on an object and move the cursor, then an interaction or canceling is considered theft. Unlike many other RPGs you don’t want to kill the whole city equal if what steals and become caught, but their sympathy for you and decreases over time you will may acquire a bad reputation.

If you go to the northeast at the harbor, you can reach her through a gate to the west beach, where the battle between orcs and humans raged, but is now paused. There are many corpses to loot. In the north-east of the beach you will find a mysterious stranger who keeps crazy adventurers. When you have finished talking and gave him the final answer, he disappears into thin air - very strange.

In the West, sits an orc who mourns his Bruden. He has given him a nice armor as grave goods and the source hunters can now discuss whether it is justified in the eyes of a grieving when it involves a great armor. You can earn bonuses Spiritual or Materialistic here - the former increases the willpower to 1, the latter with give you immunity to fear, a status effect that makes you run away for a few laps before uncontrolled opponents.

The grave of his brother is way in front of the totem, before the orc sits, you have to have just enough exercise to discover it, and a shovel to dig it.

To get from the harbor to the city you take the stairs up. You come to a square with a fountain. With signs, such as standing here, we can orient ourselves. In the East, most of it is going on, among other things, it is there also the headquarters of the Legion, in which we can be projected the magician Arhu and Captain Aureus.

To the east is the market where we are equal faced with a decision: A young man named Robin wants to steal a fish, and we are to tell him our opinion. Depending on whether we support it or not, we get points for Rebellious and Access - Rebellious increases the ability to pickpocketing, accessible leadership qualities.

A further discussion between the source hunters you can trigger by her with a male character, if you have a, the woman in the middle of the square to speak-. It has almost terrified of men if you find that reprehensible her a point in Bold, which increases your initiative by 1. Prudently, however, increases your stealth value.

You should do some shopping at the market. There Dealer with lots of gold, if you want to clean your inventory (for example, the fish woman), a dealer for archers and a potion dealer who also sells spells.

Just north of the market is the tavern for king crab, in which you can find your potential companion Madora. Previously, we chat a recruiter of a fantastic five, a local adventurer guild - in this conversation you can take a lot of influence on the personality of the source hunters.