Dragon Age 3 - Inquisition (PC) Crafting Guide

General and Special to the Crafting

To modify or produce items such as armor and weapons, is not absolutely necessary, but makes a lot of fun! In order to crafting, all you have to do the competent workbenches find that reside in the local own fortress and have gained the necessary resources at best!

Instructions for the production of weapons or armor you get from dealers! Loot each box or chest which you find. It might be worth it!

All objects with which you can fill the slots are, as well as your armor and weapons, connected by the color of the background with the rarity value.

Gray items are common.

Blue items are rare.

Purple items are the least common.

Modifying Weapons and Armor

Almost every weapon can be improved! Visit the workbench for "weapons modification" and look for the corresponding weapon that want to improve! Is not the appropriate weapon while it does not have a rune slot or other slots and is therefore not on the list.

In addition to the damage and the other attributes of the weapon takes it (highlighted by a gray mark) before the corresponding free or even already used your weapon slots.

Runes offer various benefits! Fire, Ice or cleaning runes are just a few examples. All of them are directly related to the damage of your weapon!

Dragon Age Inquisition Buy and Sell Valuables / Items

Runes, which are not limited advantages over single enemy types, here are the most valuable! Select the rune that you want to immortalize in this gun and confirms the specified changes, already you have your weapon with a rune reinforces! In case if you are unhappy with your change, you can always replace the rune with another.

But be careful! If its a processed Rune replaced by another, it will be lost!

Don’t forget, runes can only use it if you've already enlisted the Arcanist - Dagna at the card table!

Staple, Knauf, and handle spaces give you an everlasting bonus to your stats!

Warrior especially benefit from the attributes of strength and constitution.

Mage direct benefit particularly from magic and willpower.

Rogues are best served with the attributes of skill and cleverness.

Modifying Armor

Armor often offers free arm or leg base. If there are no free slots available, then the armor will not appear in the list.

Arm and leg protectors offer various permanent bonuses in the field of defense, such as healing bonuses or defense against determine types of damage or just a simple health bonus.

Build Weapons and Armor

Your weapons collected recipes are not only decorative drawings! In the workbench competent, you can use these recipes in order to produce weapons and also to use. You will, if you're looking carefully encounter in the course of your adventures on countless weapons and armor recipes! Not all of them are useful, but some have it all!

If you have the inventory to Mr. position of weapons before your eyes, you see a list of recipes that you have found. Each weapon recipe has an approximate Sps-span (damage per second). All the rarer metals used it for the more can be your weapon.

Is the recipe that you want to forge selected, it finds between two and four slots are provided for which metals, materials and / or leather.

Leather you receive from wild Teren that you have shot on your adventures. Leather may contain bonuses to critical chance or have influence on armor or bleeding results.

Substances can get you all sorts of enemies killed. They increase the attack or even critical strike damage etc.

Metals can be found in caves or mountains. You have a direct influence on the damage per second - value!

How much you use of the respective materials need to forge the weapon depends on the particular recipe that you forge a weapon!

Manufacture of Armor

Similarly, the weapons manufacturing, metals, fabrics or leather will also have to be invested to make the armor!

Metals are here for the armor, but can also be used for attribute bonuses.

Leather forms important resistance to cold or fire but also for better absorption ranged damage.

Substances are important from a magical armor and equip the mage robe with additional armor.