Dragon Age: Inquisition - Tactical Camera and the Focus

An important tool: the tactical camera and the focus

Although it is not absolutely necessarily to use the tactical camera, it can make your fighter to an advantageous situation. So try to get used to it, activate the camera before a fight and examine the environment thoroughly.

How many opponents are in territory? What are their strengths and weaknesses? Where are my warriors? Which way do I go attack fastest? Also, the terrain is of great importance. There may be destructible elements, opportunities for a flank attack or protective walls? With these few basic ideas you can battle many in advance much simpler fashion than is absolutely necessary.

For quite banal moments, like when it gets too hectic, it can not hurt to change the tactical view to bring peace into the events and to revise the battle plan and adapt.

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Focus is an umbrella term for a resource that is each class in a different form, as well as mana or stamina. All group members receive this endurance, even if one only dealing damage from his competitors.

Focus is required to act abilities that do not fall within the frame in a normal spell. After the evacuation of some of these Haven focus capabilities are available and expand your inventory to powerful attacks. Each party member will unlock a focus ability, once you've reached Skyhold.

All focus capabilities have three breakdowns, by own choice only one is available. The longer you play and the more you come, the sooner you can unlock and become stronger and more powerful, the other way.

It is important to catch the right moment to attack in battle, as the decay of these skills are quite long. So look for the right time and seeks you out a suitable target to unleash the disastrous attacks of the inquisitors.