Far Cry 4: Learn to face Most Dangerous Animals

Far Cry 4 has challenges not only against "human" enemies but also against many animals in the Kyrat’s forest. The variety of animals that can attack and kill, Ajay is huge. The DTGReviews has made a list of some of the most dangerous Animals in the game. Check out them below, and learn how to act against each of them.

Leopards, Dogs and Wolves

These are fast animals, attacking quickly and intelligently, especially if the game is on the hardest level. You need to be very careful with them, and the way it can be more efficient to use weapons with fast shooting and reloading, because animals usually attack in flocks.

Demon Fish / Tigerfish

Demon Fish is most difficult animals to deal with, because if it appears in front of the water, there is nothing you can do - after all, it is impossible to shoot out of the water. So avoid, when possible, swimming without paying attention to your surroundings. And if it appears, try going to one of the nearby banks, and shoot from there.

Rhinos and Elephants

Not worth wasting time with these animals. Have thick skin, are hard to miss damage, and may end up killing you. On the other hand, are relatively slow. The ideal behavior is to avoid them. In the case of elephants, if you have the ability to mount them and use as transportation, are much more useful as well.

Eagles, Bees and Snakes

You may not encounter these three animals that much, but it may bother some if you meet them face to face. Eagles are super smart, detect you from distance, and usually the animal is accompanying a soldier Min Pagan. If you see one, shoot soon. - The sniper rifle is a good one.

Bees attack in groups and are very fast, but you can use them to your advantage. Look for hives close to enemies and drop on them. The snakes are too difficult to see, poison and flee. Against them, there is nothing that is very effective. It is better to run.

Tigers and Bears

Two Animals styles a little different, but they have a similarity: the strong attack. The tiger is faster, while the bear is slow. However, the best way to stop them is using long range weapons. So you can avoid partially the damage.

Honey Badger

It is super small and may seem harmless - perhaps even "cute". But do not let appearances deceive because they are deadly. Fast and ferocious super, attack in groups and only takes a few seconds to end the life of the protagonist. When you see, run away, or use the RPG shots and grenades to kill all at the same time.