Might & Magic X: Legacy Skills and Spells

Character - Development

Each of your group members has assigned an individual character level, which can be increased by collecting EP. Do you have it reaches a certain threshold, so your character is promoted to the next higher level until it finally reaches its maximum level. In addition, you are with each new character level new attribute and skill points available, which can apply their various attributes. To attribute points will be displayed on the character page in the group inventory, while the skill points are distributed in your spellbook skills tab.

Character - Attributes

The 6 different attributes define the performance of your group members and can be changed individually by the attribute points obtained upon reaching a new character level to enhance the desired values.
  • Power increases melee damage as well as your maximum vitality
  • Magic increases the Magic power, maximum mana
  • Perception enhances all attack values and the long-range damage
  • Luck affects the chances of dodging and critical hits
  • Spirit increases your maximum mana
  • Vitality increases your maximum vitality

Character - Skills

A new character level reach with one of your group members, it receives new skill points, with which you can improve one of your three skills.

Weapon skills improve dealing with various melee and firearms or allow their use in the first place
Magic skills allow you to use different spells the seven magic schools and increase their strength
Other skills increase various character values and improve, for example, martial arts or certain skills

Each of these skills has four different precedence levels: beginner, expert, master and grand master. Have you reached the threshold of one of these ranks, so first you need to go to your trainer and get from it opens the door to the next rank before her she can continue to increase.

Character - Spell

There are seven schools of magic: primary, light, dark, water, fire, earth and air. The spell can thereby be divided basically into four different categories.

  • Damage spells, damage to enemy targets
  • Group buffs give the entire group benefits
  • Weakening prove hostile targets for a certain number of rounds, or even to the end of Kampdes with negative effects
  • Healing spells remove negative statuses or regenerate the life force for a particular group member.