Tales of Xillia 2 (TOX2) Kitty Dispatch - Cat Locations

As the game progresses you will meet Miss Kitty Cat who asks you to bring back 100 cats escaped from her. Using the cats dispatch you can roll then send in the various already visited locations and graze items. From time to time we hear the purring kitten during the search in the immediate vicinity. To find them, but is not so easy.

Here is the list of cats so far found in Tales of Xillia 2


- Cat Patch - Spirius AG, Lobby, middle, where the plants are
- Cat Tiggy - 20th floor, in the office under the table
- Cat Malik - side quest
- Cat Carol - In the Park.
- Cat Suzu - At the counter of the station behind the glass
- Ethos cat - cats courier

Torbalan-High Road

- Cat Tilton - Torbalan height Straße 3, on a stone

Helio Borg

- Narcissist - 12th floor, the room on a box

Alest-High Road

- Ruby - Area 1 on a rock.


- Cat Luke - Near the save point at the top of the stairs
- Cat York - Cat Messenger

Rusalle-High Road

- Cat Keke - High Road 1, at the beginning under a tree
- Cat Keisha - High Road, Western Cave
- Cat Stenz - Dimensional Rift, at the end of the path on the tree


- Cat gravel moose - 1. Untergschoss, near the glowing Luminabaum
- Cat Tonja - 3rd basement, höchte position on the stone increases


- Cat Zagi - Messenger
- Cat Lithia bridge of unity in the store of Elympios page from left
- Cat Thomas - On the water, down the stairs
- Cat Sasuke - cats courier


- Cat Schrodinger- north, on the Porangenbaum
- Sharil cat - cats courier
- Zagi cat - cats courier

Kijara Falls

- Cat Lucca - Southernmost point of the western area, jump down from the ledge,
near a chest
- Bilbo Cat - Cat Messenger

Nia Khera

- Cat Grimbart - in the house near the bridge on the river
- Ion cat - cats courier

Millas Shrine

- Mini Cat - inside the shrine

Nia Khera ghost path

- Cat Norse - Northeastern region on the southern point of the map, between the

Nia Khera Holy tip

- Cat Spartans - at mountain peak

Aladhi path

- Cat Filbert - West Side to the end of the path on the lake shore

Sapstrath deep forest

- Cat Chichi - Southern region, on the increase
- Cat Moon - Northern area, in the tall grass

Sapstrath-High Road

- Cat Meowcifer - Northeastern branch, on a western increase in the cave pit

Sapstrath Seaport

- Cat Diva - bazaar on the barrel

Aladhi Seaport

- Cat Lotus - Gasthof left of the entrance


- Cat Burzel - Southeast region

Lakutam-High Road

- Hangover Sir Meows-a-lot - Mid Zone, Western raise in a hole cave

Xian You

- Cat Kyo Arena, the stairs
- Cat Harry - Seen in a house, from the height Lakutam road from the east, the
stairs in the corner up at the window
- Cat Snowflake - Central district, near the elevator next to the black dog and
before two people


- Cat Nonya - In the hotel left behind a partition
- Cat Yuni - Driselles Prince mansion, right on the chair
- Cat spark - Cat Messenger

Fort Gandala

- Cat Lazy - south, lower level in the control room 1, on the table.
- Cat Smacks - Cats courier

Barnauer High Road

- Cat Rocket - southwestern region, while increasing near the elite monsters in a

Labari boiler

- Cat Mao - Sector 6
- Cat Setsuna - At the bottom, in a box

Culmar path

- Cat Scratch Brush - north-west to the secluded area of the map to crawl through
a hole through
- Cat Michael - southern corner of the tree

Bermia Gorge

- Cat Taka - North Western area, close to the plant
- Cat Nano - cats Dispatch
- Cat Salmon - cats Dispatch

Mon Highlands

- Cat Zexyz - Mid Zone, Eastern rock wall about halfway before a turn comes
- Cat Holmes - Silent cave, by the North West on a rock.
- Tomti Cat - Cats Dispatch


- Cat Breezy - From the Xailen temples from going to the capital district, on the
rooftops towards the palace archway near the pile of snow.
- Cat Euler - cats Dispatch
- Cat Corgan - Before Gaius' palace in wyvern
- Cat Claire - residential district, in a building located in the northwest corner

Arklund Quag

- Cat Carolina - mitllerer area, waterfront
- Cat Deltrese - cats Dispatch

Xailen Woods

- Cat Woodrow - Xailen Temple
- Cat Guy - cats Dispatch
- Cat Princess Purry - the temple entrance, next to the rock.

Kukhar ice caves

- Cat Emille - At the end of the sea area, right at the beginning with the
brilliant flowers.

Nala lava caves

- Cat Scratchy - Northern area, just before the transition area at the end, in
the large area near the rocks
- Cat Petunia - cats Dispatch

Tulea Tundra

- Cat Dasher - Southern region, niche on the shore, next to the rock.

Silea Tundra

- Cat Stumbles - North area, center, at the tree near a raise.


- Cat Stallone - In the harbor, next to Alvin
- Cat Rocky - inn, on the top floor in the right room.

Felgana Mine

- Cat Melvin - Bay 4, at the very beginning behind the crates.
- Cat Croquette - end of the dungeon, the save point.

Old Vicalle Mine

- Cat Wishkey - Southern area, jump down to the lower level in the barrel.

Voltea Woods

- Cat Monty - Northeastern branch (think you are right then).


- Cat Gazpacho - cats Dispatch
- Cat Kahmari - At the seahaven.
- Cat Nanaly - Laforte Research, Sector 2, Lab 8
- Cat Suzuki - Samsara Trading Station EC, at the round bar, center.
- Cat Wily - The inn at the bar.

Orda Palace

- Cat Keele - 2nd floor, Archive 2, on a chair at the table.
- Cat Iris - cats Dispatch

Fezebel Marsh

- Cat Noel - Southern area, near the climbing vines.


- Cat Enya - The fishmonger.
- Cat Ivan - cats Dispatch
- Cat Tartaros - Inn counter (KS22)

Catamar Heights

- Cat Nelly - Northeastern area, behind a rock.

Land of Canaan

- Cat Fauntleroy - save point, When you enter the Canaan
- Cat Hiro - cats Dispatch

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