H1Z1 (PC) Crafting Guide

Crafting Guide - Overview

In our crafting guide to H1Z1 we'll show you all the techniques of the survival game. In addition, we give you an overview of what raw materials needed to build the individual objects and where you can find them in the game world. Need some initial tips and tricks to survive? Then read our Beginner's Guide to H1Z1.

Building / shelter

Of course, there are many recipes to discover. Therefore, our crafting guide is getting bigger. So drop by again and again to discover new things.

Medicine - Overview

Here we list all medical items that in H1Z1 can crafting. The links you come to each recipe and you can see there the needed resources.

First Aid Kit
All-in-One Cold Medicine

Weapons - Overview

In this list you see all the weapons in H1Z1. Sorry, there are only a few to get hold of it through crafting. The rest can be found in the game world or be acquired airdrops. All other weapons you have to find with happiness.

Makeshift Bow (Makeshift sheet)
Wooden Bow
Aluminum Baseball Bat
Baseball Bat
Combat Knife
Wood Axe (Lumberjack)
.44 Magnum
Colt M1911
.308 Hunting Rifle (shotgun)
15 AR (Assault Rifle)
12GA Pump Shotgun (shotgun)

Food - Overview

In this list, we will show you who can craft in-game food and beverages. Some items, such as cans find only as loot in H1Z1. We list only these items.

Blackberry Juice
Coffee with sugar
Corn (maize)
Corn Mash (hominy)
Corn seeds (maize seeds)
Dirty Water
Filtered Water
Purified Water (Boiled water)
Stagnant Water
Ground Coffee
Raw Meat
Rotten Meat
Cooked Meat
Moonshine (Black Burned)

Backpacks - Overview

Currently there are only a few backpacks in H1Z1 where you can store your items. An overview can be found below. Backpacks without link can only occur as loot in the game world.

Beltpouch (belt pouch)
Satchel (Bag)
Explorer Backpack
Framed Backpack (backpack with frame)
Military Backpack

Tools - Overview

In this overview to H1Z1 you will find all the tools and items. Some of them can get hold of as loot only in the world. All other manufactures by recipe.

Frame Backpack
Barbecue (BBQ)
Bow and Drill
Can opener
Improvised Compass
Furnace (oven)
Ground Tamper
Ground Tiller
Makeshift Hatchet (Makeshift ax)
Deer Scent (deer smell)

Fallen - Overview

In this list you see all the traps in the world of H1Z1 crafting. This catches animals, places for ambushes enemies and upgrades your base with defense.

Animal Trap (rabbit trap)
IED (booby trap)
Punji sticks (spear trap)
Snare (bear trap)

Building - Overview

Even for a shelter you are many different recipes available. In our list you will find the articles with you, you can build your own base.

Barbed wire (barbed)
Basic Shack (base lodge)
Basic Shack Door (base door)
Metal Door (metal door)
Metal gate
Metal Shed (metal flake)
Metal Wall
Shack (cottage)
Simple Shack (Simple cabin)
Simple Shack Door (Simple cabin door)
Storage container (stockpile)
Structured Stairs (Stairs)
Wood Foundation


Bandages are used to stop bleeding.

Raw Materials: 2x Scrap of Cloth (rags)

Locations: By tearing of clothes (shirt, pants, etc.)

Special feature: Can later be gecraftet for First-Aid Kit


A small bag with gauze bandages you get every time you start a new character. Unzip the little bundle in order to save space. In addition, you are always be prepared for emergencies and can connect you faster.

First Aid Kit

The First Aid Kit handles large wounds and also heals a large amount of your life energy. This is replenished after use over time.

Raw Materials: Bandages

Locations: By Crafting

Special Features: Gecraftet by Scraps of Cloth

Raw Materials: Saltworks

Locations: By Crafting

Special Features: Consist of purified water (boiled water) and Salt Packet (salt)


Saline (saline) can be combined with bandages, a First Aid Kit manufacture. To get the Purified Water for the solution, you have a bottle over a fire to heat.

Raw Materials: Saltworks

Location: By Crafting

Special Features: Saline consists of boiled water and salt

Raw Materials: Bandages

Location: By Crafting

Special Features: Consist of two Scraps of Cloth (rags)


Swizzle is a type of stimulant. When taken, regenerate your stamina and your character moves faster in the game world. Therefore, it is not easy to crafting.

Raw materials # location # Features

Sugar # Loot only be found in supermarkets, trash cans # Can not gecraftet

All-in-One Cold Medicine # discoverable in cabinets of apartment buildings # Can be found

Purified Water # # By crafting Dirty Water must be heated over a fire


Branches serve as a rudimentary melee weapon in H1Z1. You can find them at irregular intervals, when Blackberry bushes harvests. With a Branch can crafting better weapons.

Makeshift Bow

Raw Materials: Scraps of Cloth

Location: By tearing of clothes

Raw Materials: Wooden Stick

Location: By harvesting of green bushes (at least waist high)


The spear is the evolved form of melee weapons. With this weapon you already are a serious threat to your opponent. However, you need to manufacture metal bars, which you can only get by melting of tools or with a crowbar.

Raw Material: Metal Bar

Location: By Crafting

Special Features: Metal Scraps need to be melted down. This gets you through looting of vehicles and its environment, as well as hardware stores and workshops and using a crowbar (crowbar) against vehicles destroyed.

Raw Material: Wooden Stick

Location: By harvesting of (at least) waist-high, green bushes.

Wooden Bow

The second sheet is slightly better than the makeshift bow, but it requires more materials. These are also raise difficult.

Raw Material: Spools of Twine

Location: In large garbage containers or cabinets

Special Features: Detectable only as loot

Raw Material: Scrap of Cloth

Location: By tearing of clothes

2x Wooden Sticks: By harvesting of waist-high, green bushes and shrubs

Combat Knife

The combat knife causes bleeding in your opponents, but has a very short range.

Raw Materials: Metal Sheet

Location: Destroyed vehicles or by crafting

Special Features: Requires two metal bars for manufacturing

Raw Materials: Wooden Stick

Location: Harvesting of green bushes


The Machete combines high damage and a moderate range. The cost of crafting recipe is worthwhile in any case for this melee weapon.

Raw Materials: 2x Wooden Planks

Location: Destruction of wooden boxes; Vera Beiten of logs

Raw Materials: 2x Metal Sheet

Location: By crafting or in the vicinity of damaged vehicles

Special Features: Requires 2x Metal Bar

Wood Axe

With the Lumberjack can make and process so collared logs into smaller wooden planks their trees. It also serves as a good melee weapon.

Raw Materials: Metal Scraps

Location: In the destroyed vehicles or by hitting the driving courses with a crowbar

Raw Materials: Wooden Log

Location: By cutting down trees

Special Features: For this you need a makeshift ax (under Tools)

Blackberry Juice

Blackberry Juice provides the bulk of your hydration display restored. In addition, it gives you back a small amount of food. This food is one of the simplest recipes.

Raw Material: 5x Blackberries

Location: To brown bushes in the game world

Raw Material: Purified Water

Location: By Crafting

Special Features: Dirty water (flow rates, etc) must be boiled heating source.


Yeast is used to produce alcoholic beverages. It thus serves only to further processing and alone has no benefit for you.

Raw Material: Wheat

Location: Wheat can be grown only

Special Features: For this, you need Wheat Seeds that you can find her as loot.

Raw Material: Purified Water

Location: By boiling dirty water

Raw Material: Sugar

Location: In kitchen cabinets, dustbins and supermarkets


Bread or Bread Survival can be combined with meat and restores a large amount of your hunger bar. But it also needs wheat, which can only be cultivated.

Raw Material: Fluorine

Location: Flour can be obtained by wheat

Special Features: Wheat seeds you get as loot in the game world or by airdrops

Raw Material: Purified Water

Location: Decoction of dirty water


Coffee gets her through ground coffee and water. Water must be boiled before you can use it to obtain purified water. Ground Coffee gets her in cabinets, dustbins and supermarkets

Coffee with Sugar

Coffee with sugar is of course made the same recipe as normal coffee. Only a packet sugar needs to be added. As a result, you get a little more energy and stamina. Sugar can be found also in Supermarket or kitchen cabinets.

Corn Mash

Hominy is a good source of energy. However, you need first of maize, which you can either grow or random place in the game world.

Raw Material: Corn

Location: Corn can be grown

Special Features: Seeds can be found in the game world, or by drying flask

Raw Material: Yeast

Location: By Crafting

Special Features: Yeast is created by Purified Water and Sugar

Raw Material: Purified Water

Location: By boiling dirty water

Cooked Meat

Prepared meat can be eaten immediately without repercussions and gives you back a large part of the energy display. In combination with other foods, the effect is enhanced. To prepare meat you have to cook it over a heat source (fireplace, grill).


The Satchel serves as the first backpack. Tear equal to the shirt and the pants to get to six pieces of cloth. Then you craft from the bag. With it, you have enough space for the first forays.

Framed Backpack

A backpack with a frame size of 1200 and thus holds some of your items. For this, the backpack is also necessary to gecraft very troublesome.

Raw Material: Backpack Frame

Location: By Crafting

Special Features: The framework requires four Wooden sticks, granted from the harvesting of green bushes and four nails craftet by processing metal.

Raw Material: Satchel

Location: By Crafting

Special Features: Requires six rags of clothing

Animal Trap

With this trap catch her smaller animals, such as rabbits and gets some raw meat from them. To do this you need to build up the case and allow to stand for some time. This event is a great way early to get to a continuous source of food in the game.

Raw Materials: 4x Wooden Plank

Locations: By crafting or boxes

Special Features: Smash wooden crates to get to boards or logs with an ax to boards.

Raw Materials: Wooden Stick

Locations: Harvesting of green bushes


IED or booby trap is an explosive that explodes after some time after you have lit it with a lighter. So you can selectively damage to structures, such as buildings realize. For this you need a landmine.

Raw Materials: Landmine

Location: By Crafting

Special Features: Look to the contribution to the Landmine how to craftet.

Raw Materials: Scraps of Cloth

Location: By tearing of clothes


The landmine caused a lot of damage when you someone comes too close. It can become an ignitable explosive with rags with which you can perform targeted attacks.

Raw Materials: Metal Scraps

Location: At wrecked car or by striking metal with a crowbar

Raw Materials: Metal Sheet

Location: By Crafting

Special Features: Can be gecraftet of Metal Scraps

Raw Materials: Gunpowder

Location: By Crafting

Special Features: For gunpowder you need for a charcoal burn her with fire of sticks gets in. On the other hand it requires Fertilizer (fertilizer), which you can find as loot in the game world.

Punji Sticks

Punji sticks are rudimentary spear traps, which you can place on the ground. Each player or zombie in this case too close, loses some energy and life may suffer bleeding. For Punji sticks you need eight Wooden sticks.


The snare is similar to a bear trap. It closes when someone steps on the pressure plate. As a result, the target takes damage and is slowed down. This is great for hunting or guests from the base to hold their own.

For the Snare you need a lot of Metal Scraps. Craftet part of it to a metal sheet and then combines it with other scraps to create the trap.