Pokemon - Ruby Omega find TM10 Hidden Power - OR / AS

For those who do not have the opportunity to exchange your Pokemon X / Y into Fluxia City to find out the type of your reserve power, should help this tip!

What you need:

- The TM10 Hidden Power, you'll get in this tree Hausen-City by a woman with a coin puzzle.
- A Pokemon at a high Lv. best 40-50 that the attack hypnosis (optional)!
- The Pokemon you want to know which of your power reserve-type Hidden Power!
- For those who grow up Pokemon and want to know Lv.1 already on the hypnosis Pokemon is important!
- Mind. been caught or exchanged a Kecleon get!

Bring your Pokemon at the TM10 Hidden Power and make you on the way to the tree Hausen City or fly directly to Route 120 and stores. Look grown at a DV Pokémon Lv. 1, hypnosis Pokemon at the beginning of the team! If you arrived here looking over you Dex-Navi a wild Kecleon and fight against it!

Is now using hypnosis until it sleeps and switch to Pokemon reserve power, you should mind through hypnosis. 1-2 rounds to be sure. Now used to power reserve Kecleon and make sure to what a guy Kecleon by its ability to "color change". If it says "Kecleon is by changing color to ice type" you have an ice reserves of power depending on the type you can imagine your power reserve!

Exception: If a Froakie / Frogadier / Greninja with the ability "conversion art", you can fight on Route 101 against a weak Pokemon and conversion Art read what reserve force is what makes this a conversion Art Greninja more unpredictable!