Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask 3D walkthrough with video guide

Welcome to The Legend of Zelda: Maroja's Mask 3D (Nintendo 3DS) walkthrough. Since the Nintendo 64 version is the same, you can also use the solution for it.

The solution treated solely the main path with the four temples. Optional tasks are mentioned here and there in passing. All heart pieces, masks, etc. can be found in our other guides. (Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask 3D Heart Pieces, Items, tips)

Table of Contents:

1. Intro and Bombers gang

2. Moon's Tear and Ocarina of Time

3. Marshes of Madness

4. Deku Palace and Duskwood

5. Duskwood Temple (Temple 1)

6. First Feen Quelle and Mask of Scents

7. Lens of Truth and Goron Mask

8. Lullaby and Snowhead

9. Pic Hibernia Temple

10. Powder Keg certification and Schmirgelklinge

11. Epona and Zora Scales

12. Pirate fortress

13. Needle Rock

14. About the Zora's cave for the third temple

15. Great Bay Temple

16. Garo Mask

17. Ikana graveyard and Ikana Canyon

18. Under the wells and Mirror Shield

Beginner Tips: slow and fast forward time

During your adventure you will always have the time pressures of 72 hours in which you must do everything you vornehmt you. Can you manage not at this time, you have many things redo.

In the beginning, may be relatively tight 72 hours. To give you a little more air, you can watch the time but slow. To do this you need just the Song of Time to play backwards.

Ballad of Kronos (Time to slow down):

R, L, Y, R, L, Y

Also, allow yourself the subject of wind in any hour during a day. This is very handy when you want to do certain quests. To play this song, you have the first three notes of the Song of Time to play in duplicate.

Topic of the wind (fast forward time):

Y, Y, L, L, R, R

1. Intro and Bombers Gang

After the Skull Kid stole you Epona and ocarina, follow her and jumping over stump, until you reach the interior of a tree.

Skull Kid transforms you into a Deku and flees - you learn your companion Taya know. Open the door in front of you and walk straight until you find a Deku Flower. Circles in you, and flies to the other side.

In the next you do the same thing and find a chest with Deku nuts. From the entrance of the right path leads to the right where you will find a Deku tree - a dead Deku.

You can reach a clock tower, where you respond to the Happy Mask Shop when you want to leave the tower. After his story you leave the tower and see South Clock Town.

Now run to the north to reach North Clock Town, where you will find a Faerie source in the West. You are told that you should find a stray fairy. You'll find them in the washing area (southwest of South Clock Town). If you have brought to the source the fairy, the great fairy appears and allows you the use of magic.

Leave the source and go to the little boy who shoots a balloon. Shoot the balloon from a bubble and the boy invites you to a game of hide to get a code. The five tykes can be found here:

North Clock Town: north east of corner behind the tree
West Clock Town: on the roof of the inn (use the Deku Flower)
South Clock Town: in a box (destroy) in front of the clock tower
East Clock Town: in the central square
Basin: in a box (destroy)

2. Moon's Tear and Ocarina of Time

Run into the hiding place of the bombers, and stay right where you jump over the water and a short time later at a spider runs over. Shoot the balloon with a bubble and climb up the ladder. Go up the staircase, talk to the old man, looking through the telescope. Zoom to the top of the clock tower to see Skull Kid.

Then you collect the Moon's Tear an outside and put yourself back to South Clock Town. Go to the Deku flower in front of the clock tower and a Deku dealer comes flying. Give him the moon tear and he leaves you the Deku Flower. So you can fly to the upper entrance to the clock tower and collect a Piece of Heart.

You must now wait until midnight of the third day until the entrance opens. When the time comes, you climb up the stairs and reach the top, where Skull Kid is waiting. Shoot him with a bubble, and he drops the Ocarina of Time.

Collect them and play the Song of Time. The time is rotated back and you are back at the first day.

Go into the clock tower purely for Mask Salesman. He puts you in the song of liberation and redeem you from the Deku form. You will get the Deku shield and you can now always turn into a Deku.

The Mask Salesman orders you to bring him the Majora's Mask. For this you need the temple in the north, east, south and west of the city visit.

3. Marshes of Madness

Leave Clock Town as a link through the southern exit. Run to the south until Taya told you about her relationship with Skull Kid. Then continue south towards the marshland run to Tingle and reach the Marshes of Madness.

You will meet the wise owl, who teaches you the Song of Soaring - so you can teleport you to the owl statues that you have already visited and enabled.

Climb up the ladder and then put yourself in the swamp InfoCenter. Speak twice with the local boss who asks you to look after his colleague Koume.

Leave the info center and faces East. Jump onto the water from leaf to leaf, until you reach a footbridge. Follow the narrow path until you see it, a large tree, with magic shop before you.

In the north you will find a passage to the forests of the Mysteries. Speak with the monkey in front of you and follow him. He runs to the left, right, right, straight, left, left. You can find Koume, the weakened asks you for help.

Leave the forest and go to the magic shop on the tree. Talk to the owner and you get a Red Potion. Go back to Koume and give her the elixir.

Head over now to the Information Center and speak with Koume. It gives you a photo box and take a boat trip. Wait until you reach the Deku Palace and get out of the boat.

4. Deku Palace and Duskwood

Walk over the logs and talk to the Deku guards (as Deku). Make your way straight into the throne room and talk to the Deku King.

Leave the throne room and go back to the entrance where you adopt the logs and faces East. Jump onto the water from leaf to leaf, until you again have ground under their feet. Examines the dense bushes and you fall into a secret cave. Here you can gather with your bottle a little water and talk to the comic Kautz, which gives you a miracle pea.

Leave the cave through the same output and look at the soft earth at the wooden wall. There you plant as a link wonders pea and pour the water. Climb to the growing plant and go to the top.

Now take get into the Deku Flower and must now fly from flower to flower. In between, you have to shoot down enemy DEKUS that leave more flowers. At the end you find yourself back in the throne room and can speak as a link with the captive monkey who will teach you a song if it takes out the Deku instrument.

At the entrance of the palace you jump to the passage in the southeast. Run on the big orange mushroom (?) And thanks to the Deku flower to the next, and another. Shoot previously from the annoying opponents. In the last mushroom you can fly to the wall towards the waterfall and then on to the entrance to Duskwood.

Run to the right, jumping over the water to the root and run on the wooden beams. As far until you reach the central point. Expect the sign of DEKUS and play the Sonata of Awakening.

5. Duskwood Temple

In the temple, it turns you into a Deku Flower and fly to the trunk with the next Deku Flower. Rely on the fairy mask to lure a stray fairy (1). Then you fly to the crate on the east side, where you have a stray fairy (2) place. Then you fly north to the door and passed this (pay attention to the two spiders).

In the next room you walk west down the road and defeat the Deku Baba to find a stray fairy (3). Remember the locked door and jumps to the east on the "eyes flowers", until you reach the door. Before you jump go in the southeast of the vases - there you will find another stray fairy (4). Then go through the door.

In this room you jump to the Deku flower in the center and fly north to the box and get yourself a small key. Then you fly to the door on the east side.

Here you have three turtles defeat. Turn around purely in the Deku Flower and wait until the turtles are over you in this moment it throws you out. As a reward, there is a map from the box.

Run now back to the locked door two spaces before on the west side and passes through the door. In front of you, you see a rock with a Majora's Mask icon. Jump to the east on the wooden bridge and walk on this road until you reach a spider. If you done it, you will find a stray fairy (5). Run further to the rock and moves it. Approximately over should be a beehive - these shoots from a bladder and grab the next stray fairy (6). Further south is a locked door with a torch before that you must burn it. Run back (where the spider was) and ignite a Deku Stick with the torch and run to the door and light the torch. The door opens and you can pass it.

In this room you have to defeat the two electric dragonflies; a box with a compass is displayed.

Leave the room and re-ignites a Deku Stick at the torch. Now you walk up the stairs on the west side and jump across the platforms to the passage of the cobwebs and burn them. Run then up the stairs.

Run to the torch in the middle and lights a Deku Stick. Now you ignite all the torches in the room and do the Deku Baba. You will see a box with a stray fairy (7). Then go through the door to the east.

In this room you walk down the stairs and only freed the stray Fee (8) in the northeast corner - pay attention to the electric dragonflies. Now back up the stairs, where you get into the Deku Flower and fly to the next platform. Then continue to the next. Wait until the platform moves to the northeast corner and fly to the passage - run down the stairs.

Run to the switch in front of you and imagine it, to make it appear two conductors. Before you go through the door behind you, you walk to the locked door on the north wall and find a stray fairy (9). Now you get into the Deku Flower and fly on the road in the northwest corner; Here again is a switch that allows a box will appear in which a stray fairy (10).

Now happen behind the door said first switch. Link to the wall you will find a beehive - shoot off to find a stray fairy. Now go through the door on the south side, where a Cold One is waiting for you. Skin with your sword without pause it and the battle is soon over. Inside the box you'll find the Hero bow. Leave the room.

In the distance, you should see a yellow "eyes switch". This you shoot from the bow. Then get into the Deku Flower and fly to the center, which now moves up and down. Turn around and then into the Deku Flower and fly to the other side and pass through the door.

Here's a frog enemies waiting for you. After you hit him a few times with the sword, he rises to a turtle. Now turn you into a Deku Flower and waits until the turtle over you is - at this moment it throws you out. Now you have the frog shoot with the bow. Repeated twice, and the fight is over. Passes through the door to the north and brings you the big key from the chest.

Leave the frog enemy space and fly to the door in the west - pass the door. Stand on the switch and aiming with the bow on the flame. The goal is to light the arrow in flight and to light the torch in the middle of the wooden flower. Then jump onto the wooden flower and do the same to light the torch in the northwest corner. Now open the door to the north.

Climb down the ladder and get into the Deku Flower. So you're flying to the western level and repeat this until you have arrived at the top level, where you freed the confused Fee (12). From here you aim with a bow on the bubble in which further confused Fee (13). Rely on the fairy mask and the fairy comes to you.

Jump to the Deku Flower at the beginning and now fly to the plain to the east. In the first level you will find a confused Fee (14). In the third level you will find the latest confused Fee (15). Jump from the third level again on the second. From here you shoot with the bow on the crystal switch in front of you - disappear the fire rings in the two columns. Get into the Deku Flower and fly to the right of the two columns. From here, you fly to the big final boss door.

The boss enemy is Odolwa which directly reveals his weakness on his arrival - the eye on the back of his head. Get into a Deku Flower and fly above it, at that moment you throw a Deku Nut from above, so Odolwa falls. Now you can check over with your sword. Repeat it several times and the fight is over.

Get yourself the Heart Container and the mask Odolwas legacy. In one sequence, teach you the freed giant singing of heaven.

6. First Feen Quelle and Mask of Scents

The following tasks are optional, but if you are already here, you can provide the tool.

The swamp is now freed from the poison and you'll find yourself back in a new area of the temple. Behind you can cut with the sword to meet the Deku Princess tendrils. She wants immediately to the Deku Palace, because the monkey is innocent. The princess can carry in a bottle.

Before you run to the Deku Palace, head first to the Fairy source in the east of Duskwood to get a double magic bar.

Now on to the Deku Palace, where throne room gets the princess from the bottle. You will be thanked and also offered a gift that you can pick up in the Deku Shrine. Run on the wooden bridge in front of the Deku Palace and jump or swim to the west. At the end you reach the Deku Shrine.

Run in and talk to the Deku. Now you have to follow him to obtain the mask of fragrances at the end.

7. Lens of Truth and Goron Elder

On the second temple! Buy yourself in West Clock Town for 50 Rupees a bomb bag in the bomb shop. Leave Clock Town through the north exit and walk to the northern passage in the plain of Termina. About the ice wall that blocks your way, hang an icicle, which you can shoot with the bow.

Follow the path until thick snow balls stand in the way - blow with the bombs. Then you walk further north and reach the mountain village. Leave the mountain settlement through the southeastern way.

Walk over the hanging bridges, Tingle over until you reach the end of the Goron Village. In the distance you see a shivering Goron, talk to him and he opens the door. Jump right off the edge and you are already at the gate.

Now you walk up and talk to the Goron baby. Leave the shrine and run in the northern area, where you will meet the helpful owl. He flies to the ice cave in the distance, and takes a few feathers fall. Where the springs are land invisible platforms - ie jump in the direction of the spring and pass through the cavity. Here you can find in the chest the Lens of Truth.

Leave the cave and use the Eye of Truth. You can now see the platform and jump back to the other side where you behold the spirit of a Goron. Speak to him and he asks you to follow him.

It brings you into the mountain settlement up to the ice wall in the north. Here you can see an invisible ladder - climb (hold on, hold second left, third right again hold first right) high.

At the top, you follow the Spirit in the Goron's grave. Before the grave you speak again with the Spirit who tells you his story and asks you to rescue him. Now play the Song of liberation and you get the Goron skin.

8. Lullaby and Snowhead

As Goron you draw the tomb back to let bubble up a hot spring. Pack the hot spring water in a bottle and spray quickly to the area with the bridge (west of Mountain Village).

Here you jump from the first bridge to the right and find a frozen Goron - use the hot water. It turns out that it is the Father, the screaming Goron baby. Speak a Goron and he tells you this lullaby (Intro).

Now go into Goron village and on to screaming Goron baby - make him the lullaby. He shows you the remaining notes of Lullaby song.

With this knowledge, you go to the mountain village and walk there along the northwestern path. As Goron rolls you through the dangerous path until you reach the end Snowhead.

With the eye of truth you can make a large Goron, you are playing lullaby to sleep Goron. Now you can. You have to scroll through until you up as a Goron to reach the second temple, the Pic-Hibernia Temple.

9. Pic Hiberia Temple

The second temple is reached! Save and smite the north, the icicle broken as Goron. Now push into the block and you reach the next room, where a Eiswolf appears. Run through the door to the east.

Go down the ladder before the bridge and look up at the rock pillar in the middle - you should find a stray fairy (1). Shoot the bubble from the arc and is based on the fairy mask. Then you roll as a Goron and fly over the broken bridge. Jump to the eastern breather
and it broke, to collect the stray fairy (2). Now you walk up the stairs to the north.

Here you open on the west side of the box to get the map and collect the stray fairy (3). Then go back into space in front of you.

Now you jump to the west across the abyss and go through the west door.

Jump down in round main area in the lowest level and looking to the southwest by a switch in the lava - it makes you as a Goron. A case of a stray fairy (4) appears. The stairs in the northeast leads you back to the upper level.

Now run through the yellow door on the west side. Pull out of here the block and push it as far as possible to the west between the two edges - it appears a box that you can get it later. Moving to the area where the block was locked and bring a small key from the box.

Leave the room again and imagine the torch before the icy red door. Points his bow on the flame and thereby meet the ice. The ice is melting and it passes through the door - you are now in the initial space.

Here you open the west door with the small key. The success of eden space skin broke the Frost wolf and open the chest in the middle to get the compass. The wall provided with crack in the west can blow it with a bomb to reveal a staircase. Look before or right column to - it is a box. The box it also breaks with a well-timed bomb throwing, and finds a stray fairy (5). Then you walk up the stairs.

Holt now your bow out and shoot up from the icicle, so break the ice blocks. Then jump to the big snowball and destroyed it as Goron - out of the box it brings a little key with the eye of truth it looks now after to the south, and behold a secret room -. Here you can find in the box a stray fairy (6). Then you use the key you just receive and open the southeastern door.

Expect the orange platform as Goron and make a masher. Jump to the other side and look with the eye of truth to the ceiling - you should send a bubble with the stray fairy (7). Shoot with the bow from the bladder and is based on the fairy mask. After that you adopt the blue platform and stamp. Then follow a masher on the orange platform. Is now rising to the blue platform and jump quickly to the door.

Now take the flower and fly to the other side. Then roll in an easterly direction on the snow-covered way along. Now you're flying over the wooden bridge to the west and walk up the stairs.

There wait an intermediate opponent. Check out the teleporter just as soon as the wizard appears on and begin to rotate, it runs fast and cut him, or shoot it with a bow. If you have defeated him, you bring out of the box to fire arrow.

Leave the room and fly over the wooden bridge back to the east side. Now you pass the door in front of you.

Run to the southeast corner, looking with the eye of truth to the north - you will recognize platforms. Jump on it and you will find above a box with a stray fairy (8). You should fall down, you can shoot the yellow eyes button to come back up with fire arrow. Then it happens again the door you came from and go to the end of the wooden bridge and jump onto the plane.

Shoot with fire arrow icy green doors free and pass through the northern green door.

Shoot here now with the fire arrows from the three Eisatmer and a box with a stray fairy (9) appears. Then you shoot the three torches from the fire arrows to open the door in the middle.

Power on the orange platform a masher and walks in the room.

Jump across the platform to the west and passes through the green door in the southwest.

Now run through the red door in the south and then go through the door to the west.

Kill the Frostwolf and shoot the block of ice with fire arrows. Stand on the switch so that a box appears. Then you push the block to the north, east, south and stand on these to jump to where a stray fairy (10) is waiting for you. Then you push the block to the west, north, west, and jumps to the door.

Now jump on the block, the then on to the box with the stray fairy (11) therein. Now jump back and go into space in front of you.

Here you leave the room through the door to the east and then proceed in turn through the door to the east.

Fly over the broken wooden bridge and the skin Eisatmer on the west side broken. Then you shoot the icy box free with the fire arrows and bring you the small key. Then run up the stairs to the north.

Stand on the platform and shoot with the fire arrows to icy eyes switch. The platform moves up and off jumps and go through the door to the west.

Go to the wooden bridge to the "ice slices". Then go to the northern icy stairs and make it freely with the fire arrows - go up the stairs.

Again slice away the ice and roll you over the snow on the wall in the west to the lower level. Then you use the small key in the door behind you.

In the next room take the snow monster and looking away with the eye of truth to the southwestern wall and you will see a stray fairy (12). Shoot the bubble from the arc and is based on the fairy mask. Then you shoot the ice wall in the north with a fire arrow and go up the stairs.

Now you grab two lizard warriors, do both and you will find the stray fairy (13) and (14). Then you walk through the door.

Go to the end of the path on the plane. Look down from the platform with the eye of truth to the southeast and you will see a secret room. Now roll as Goron with a little initiative towards the place down. If you've done that, you can out of the box the last stray fairy (15) free. With the Deku flower you can then fly to the northern staircase that takes you to the next level.

Run to the south, broken skin snowdrifts and climb the stairs to the top.

Now you're flying through the ice hill as Goron on the other side and with the Deku Flower then continue to the western door.

Here waits another fight against the Wizard. Check out the teleporter and as soon as he starts to turn, you shoot him off, or do you know who is right. A door open, there is a box with the big key in it. Leave the room and jump at the end of the bridge on the lower level.

Run up the stairs to the south and then fly to the other side to the boss door.

The boss opponent is Goht - the fight starts as soon as you have defrosted it. Rest after him as Goron and jump thanks to the ramp on the back or rams it easy until he falls over. Then it is targeting the eye and shoots from this with the bow. The only difficulty is to avoid obstacles confidence. After a few repetitions you have Goht defeated and you can grab the Heart Container and Ghost legacy.

Do not forget to travel again to Snowhead to deliver the fairies at the source and learn improved vortex attack.

10. Powder Keg Certification and sword

Before you leave, you have to get the powder keg certification and get the sword. For the latter, you need a purse that holds more than 99 rupees. You get one if you deposit 200 Rupees at the bank. In addition, it must still be the first day. If this is not so, then travel back in time, is the first day back to the temple and quickly defeat Goht so is spring again.

After that you search in Goron Village the northern cave entrance, where the powder keg is sold. Before you n purchase, you pass a test. You should drag a powder keg until receipt of the Goron Racetrack and blast away the rock in front. The Goron Racetrack is the section with the bridge in the north - the Goron baby stands. If you do that, you go back to the Goron and he will give you the powder keg license - so you can buy powder kegs in Goron in Clock Town.

Now go to the Goron Racetrack and take part in the race. If you win, you will receive a bottle of gold dust! Real Tips are not a race, is very arbitrary and the other Goron always catching up. Just try sometime it works.

Then go to the blacksmith in the mountain village and let improve your sword for 100 Ruby. You shall come again the next day - travel until the next day (Y, Y, L, L, R, R play) and pick up your sword. You get the Elven Sword ... that wears off after a hundred blows. But no matter. Speak again with Smith and he will forge with the gold dust something else. Come back the next day and you will receive the weapon!

11. Epona and Zora Scales

To get to the next area, you need Epona - we'll worry about now.

Buy some powder keg for 50 Rupees the Goron in the bomb shop (West Clock Town).

Leave and put yourself in the level of Termina. In the southwest, there is a path that leads you to the Romani Ranch. The rock that block the way beyond her away with the powder keg.

On the Romani Ranch your horse, Epona discovered. Speak with Romani (the girl standing outside) and she said something about alien who steal the ranch cows. In preparation for the impending danger you shall shoot on Epona riding ten balloons in two minutes. Relatively simple. After that teach you Romani Epona's Song, which you call Epona any time you can (if Romani successfully supported you at night, you will receive a milk bottle).

With Epona, you can now over the obstacles in the west of Termina jump levels to get to the skull coast.

Go to stand and look out over the water. Where the birds circling around a Zora lies motionless in the water. Help her and transported her ashore. Eavesdropping after her last words and play the song of liberation to get the Zora scales. With this mask you can transform into a Zora.

12. Pirate Fortress

Now you have to retrieve the Zora eggs, mention the Mikau. Remember this to the research laboratory to the west on the water, because there they need to be taken to.

Now swim all the way to the north-east – there you should find some wooden signs. Ram the second from the left (when float "R" key ") and destroy it to clear a path that leads to the pirate fortress.

Note: If you want to get the useful rock-mask in the pirate fortress, then you worriy red elixir before you go into the fortress!

In the pirate fortress you cautiously dipped into the water (you must not be seen!) And swim to the north. Once there you go ashore again when Gerudo boats in the vicinity. Stomp as Goron on the orange platform and jump as Zora quickly back into the water and dive. Now swim back south - on the east side you will find the open road in the interior of the fortress.

Follow the path, destroy the wooden board and push the block clean. On the west side there are two more wooden boards, pull out another boulder. Now go back to the first block and go through there - at the end you can thanks to an upward airflow.

Now it is important that you do not swim, but go on the floor. Run to the sting balls over and dive at the end of the path again and go through the door.

Dive into the water and walk along the way. Around the corner you'll find a chest with rubies. Then you walk up two flights of stairs. In the western corner behind the crate you operate the switch and quickly run to the heart piece behind the open door. Run back up the stairs and shoot down the crystal switch in the east, jump into the water and swim quickly past the gate in the south. Follow by water (floating) past the spiked balls and climb up the ladder at the end.

Imagine the golden switch and run quickly over to the round grid on the floor. From there you shoot with the bow on the crystal switch and a water jet transports you to the top.

Climb up the ladder, looking through the telescope and zoom in on the lookout. Then you turn around and shoot the spiked ball. Now you have a clear view of the crystal switch. Actuate it and pass the open door.

Run up the wall to the north and reach above a passage that leads you to the central square with the observation tower.

You need to head in the tower, but you must not get caught. You can stun the short Gerudos with bow and arrow. Also: Behind the crate behind the head sits a wounded soldier, which you can only see with the eye of truth. If you give him a red elixir, you get the rock. With that you become invisible to enemies, and thus to the Gerudos - very useful! When you are climbing up the ladder and the suspension bridge have overcome, you go through the door.

Run straight ahead until a bee flies past you and listen to their conversation between Gerudos. It appears that four Zora eggs are in the fortress. Then you shoot with the bow on the hive, so the Gerudos leave the room. Now you can run around and jump down to open the big box. You will get the grappling hook. Looking north to the big aquarium and is where the wooden ceiling give a grappling hook. Dive as Zora Zora and grab the egg in a bottle. Then destroy the box that blocks the western passage and pass through the door.

Note: If you have no free bottle more, you have to get out of the research lab. There you can do the Zora eggs in the large pool of water. With the grappling hook you come too easily back into the Gerudo Fortress pure.

You are returned to the central square. Jump down and run to the south west. Thanks to the duck hook you can draw to the two pillars to reach the upper levels. Now there is an eastern - and a western passage (leading to the outside). So go through the eastern passage.

In the next room you will find a little maze of barrels, which is patrolled by a Gerudo. If you've got the rock-mask, you put it on and run just to the door.

It follows a battle against a Gerudo (where the rock-mask does not help). Always to beat when it swings back to a shock - otherwise they parry your lashes.

After the fight, you pass the east door and climb back into the aquarium to do the Zora Egg in a bottle. Then you leave the room through the north door and lands on the central square. Now in the central square you walk to the red wall in the north and pull you with the duck hook it to the column. From there, there is another column that brings you to a passage where you can get a Zora Egg in the East and in the West. Use the grappling hook only on the western column and pass through the passage.

If you have the rock-mask, you can simply go through again. If not, you must wait until the Gerudo runs north to get to the door in the southwest.

Behind it waits a fight against a Gerudo. Goe as before and impact then if she wants to go back to a shock.

Pass through the west door and dive in the aquarium to get the third Zora Egg. Leave the room best way you came in and run as far back to outside just around the grappling hook column.

Then look to the East high and draw you to the pillar on the other side. Cross the bridge (Attention, Gerudo) and end up going through the door.

Now some Gerudos run around a big box with 100 rupees around. With the rock-mask no problem. Without them, it numbs the Gerudos with bows and arrows and grab the rupees in the box. Then you walk to the door in the southwest.

After the last battle against a Gerudo, you go through the southern door, go up in the aquarium and grab the fourth Zora Egg.

Head over now to the research lab and put all the eggs in the large pool of water.

13. Needle Rock

Now you only need three eggs, which you can find at the needle rocks. Since the water is very turbid, you need someone who passed (alternatively you can dive to the bottom and follow the signs).

Go back to fix the pirate fortress and take a photo of a Gerudo. Then go back to the beach on the Bay Coast and examines the Fisherman's Cottage on (House in the Southeast).

Look at the golden sea horses. In order to be able to take this, do the fisherman a photo of a Gerudo. Exchange with him and you get the seahorses.

Now swim to the two large, protruding from the water rocks in the northwest and this happened. This is the entrance to the needle rocks.

Then dive freely on the ground and let the seahorses. It shows you the way through the murky water. At the end it also asks you to drive away the sea snakes and save his friend.

Now swim further and search all the caves and handles all sea snakes. In three of these caves can be found depending on a Zora egg. If you have also saved the other sea horses, there's a heart piece as a reward.

Then return to the lab and put the last three Zora eggs into the water basin. Once all seven eggs are together, they slip and show you the notes for the boss nova of the cascade.

14. About the Zora's cave for the third temple

Now you can leave for the Third Temple! To this end, you leave the skull coast in the south to reach Cape Zora.

Looking back at the beach to the west and swim to the big rock with the fish tail fin. Dive from there, floating in the great fish's mouth to reach the Zora's cave.

Leave the Zora cavity through the east exit and back out there (alternatively, you would also be able to swim directly to the Zora's cave). Here you will find the Zora, Lulu. You play as Zora before the Bossa Nova of the cascade. Now the small island moves in front of you, which is manifested as large turtle.

Use the grappling hook and pull you to a palm tree on shell, so they guide you to the skull book Temple.

15. Great Bay Temple

In the beginning of the room fire with your fire arrows at the torch quickly, to reveal a chest with a stray fairy (1). Then Cross the north door.

You reach a room with a large waterwheel. From your platform, there is a western and eastern elevator. First climb on the western and do the Skulltula to find the next stray fairy (2). Then you jump into the water and dive. Under the entrance platform in the south you can still find a stray fairy (3). Then underwater in the northeast corner is looking for a big yellow valve and rotate it. Is now rising on the eastern elevator and jump onto the platform with the two Skulltulas. With the currently activated water jet you can jump onto the platform in the North East. About the yellow pipe then you come to the northern passage.

You are now in the central basin. From your resurrection, you jump to the west and run to the ladder that leads you upstairs to a barrel. Destroy the barrel to find a stray fairy (4). Then you jump into the water and dive. A little below the surface you let yourself drift of the whirlpool, which transports you to a new area in the southeast.

Here it shows up and climb onto the platform in the North. From here, you can draw you to the crate with the grappling hook. On the opposite side a platform with two jugs, destroy the right with the grappling hook to find a stray fairy (5). Rely on the fairy mask, so the fairy comes to you.

Then you dive again and float through the eastern waterway until you come to the water plant. Complete all three aquatic plants and climbing up on the first sheet. Now if you look to the southeast, you will still see a plant also do this and a box with a stray fairy (6) appears. Then pass through the door on the opposite side.

Run up to the edge and the two water plants on its stem. Also shoot off the bomb mouse and jump over the sheet to the box where a compass in it. Then you dip into the water and get the small key from the box. Now go back to the door - this runs a water vortex that brings to the central pool. Before you clean hop, is investigating the swirling water in a northeasterly direction. There are two monsters hand and a jug. Destroy the pitcher and attract stray Fee (7) with the Fairy mask.

Then you jump in the water swirl and let yourself be transported into the central basin. Here you dive to the bottom, and stay centered in order to destroy the pitcher in the middle, in order to find the stray fairy (8). Then you swim against the wall and let yourselves be guided by the vortex that brings you into an area in the northwest.

Here it shows up on the east side and walk on the red pipe up to the door, where you use the small key.

Destroy the jars and collect arrows, magic and bombs if necessary and then pass through the north door, where an intermediate boss is waiting.

Looking at the ceiling and a huge eye monster falls down. The goal is clear. This is, however, protected by strange bubbles. With fire arrows or bombs you can disconnect and then many of them with the sword (spin attack), so you have a clear view on the eye. Once it is open, you try to hit it with arrows. After a few hits all the bubbles fall down and eye monster hurtling from one wall to the next. If you disturb the bubbles, you can do this, otherwise target the eye - after a few hits is the fight over. In the box that appears, there is then the Ice Arrows.

Then leave the room and out until you're in the water with the red valve in the middle again. Search for an octopus in the southeast corner and shoot it with a missile of ice - it becomes a block of ice. About this you come to the valve in the middle and can rotate it.

Then dive and drift through the northern water swirl in the central basin. Now swim a bit high to southeast just before the water surface in the waterway.

At the end show up and climb onto the platform north. Get dressed with the grappling hook to those of you already open box. Now you have to continue to the platform with the pitcher. Fire an ice arrow on the glistening bodies in the water to create an ice platform - jumping over. The same you do again to get to the door in the south.

In the next room you will freeze the blue slime with an ice arrow and pushes in south to the red collection in order to reach the valve - turns this.

Leave the room then, dive and follow the eastern waterway. At the end you pass the door.

In this room you were before, but thanks to the Ice Arrows can freeze the water and so come to the passage in the north. Destroy the ice columns and use a fire arrow to unfreeze the door - the door happened.

It follows a battle against a known opponent. Shoot him first with arrows from or chasing him afterwards with the rabbit ears and gives him a sword thrust. After a few hits he locks himself in a huge bubble and tries to attack you from above. If he is with the bubble on the ceiling, shoot a missile of ice on the bubble to freeze them and let break. Then it follows again the frog opponent. Repeat this and the fight goes out in your favor.

After the fight, you go through the open door and gets the big key out of the box.

Leave the room through the "window" on the wall and jump into the water jet, the guide you to the central pool. Show up here, looking for a ladder to climb on a raise platform. The water jet in the north freezes with a missile of ice and then jump to the propeller to come to the vacant manager. The ladder leads you to a door.

In the next room you do until the offending water spider. Then freeze the water to get to the yellow platform. Then look east, freeze again the water and you come to the valve, which applies to rotate it. Then jump back to the yellow platform and freeze the water in a north - jumping on the ice platforms. On the wall reached, it looks up and sees a point where you can use the grappling hook. Get dressed up and you'll find a chest with a stray fairy (9).

Leave the room and then use the propeller to come to the southern passage that leads you to the top of the large water wheel.

Now look to the west. Where the water jet flows from the red line, you look up at the ceiling and draw you with the grappling hook to go - it is now on the water jet. As soon as this flows upward, it jumps to the platform with the valve and this rotates. Now you jump to the yellow platform in the middle of the room and turn this valve. Here everything is done and you now have to go back to the central basin with the large propeller.

The flow has now changed. Dive and swimming slightly below the water surface in a northeasterly direction.

In the next room you swim in the northwest corner and climb onto the platform. Jump onto the elevator and wait until it reaches the top. Then jump on the rotating rod of the water wheel, and stay up until the next platform has arrived - jumpg over. Now look to the south and you will see a hidden room with a box. Try to drag you with the grappling hook on the box or the torch. Inside the box is a stray fairy (10).

You must now re-do it all over again. If you are back on the second moving platform, it jumps to the southern elevation and follow it up to the propeller. Keep the water jet that moves the water wheel and the propeller stand still. Now jump on this and go cautiously to the water wheel. From here, you look north and see above another box. Use the grappling hook and pull you in that case, it is another hidden fee (11). Return to the water wheel and follow the propeller to come to the door in the southwest.

In the next room you see a rocker. There is a small pool of water where it descends as Zora and the barrel destroy (when swimming "R" key) to find a stray fairy (12). After that you adopt the other rocker (about middle of the room) and shoot a fire arrow at the ceiling. A jet of water can rise up your side of the rocker. Jump over to the other rocker and repeat the Well you can jump to the green platform with the valve. Fire after the bomb mouse on the green pipe off and run through the pipe. At the end you jump into the fenced area and draw you with the grappling hook to the box where her next stray fairy (13) free. Jump down to the first rocker and resist bring the game with the Fire Arrow. The rocker has started, you can leave the room through the west door.

Jump into the water, dive and follow the western waterway - you are in the central basin.

Dive to the bottom and follow the flow through the south-eastern waterway. Then swim underwater to the west, and look to the passage - there a stray fairy (14) in a bubble. Shoot the bubbles as from Zorah and rely on fairies mask - the fairy comes to you. Now swim to the east side and stand on the green pipe. Look into the center to the green platform. There, underneath, the last stray fairy (15). Run further over the green tube for the last valve and rotate it. Then jump to the boss door and open it.

The boss is Gyorg. If it floats on the water surface, you shoot at with arrows from. After several hits he reveals his eye - more arrow hits are needed. Sometimes Gyorg comes to you on the platform - then jumps out on top, so that it does not catch you.

After more goals followed by the second part of the struggle. You are underwater and need as Zora solve the sting ball from their chains and ensure the Gyorg this suck. When that happens, you have to take back his eye. Gyorg always begins to suck when you're nearby. Post always best to your force field while swimming - but always collects enough energy.

After the battle, you grab the Heart Container and Gyorgs legacy.

Forget for the courts do not deliver the stray fairies. The fairies source is in the south of Cape Zora. Just follow the small palm islands. The entrance to the source you have to blow up with bombs free. As a reward you will receive twice the armor - very useful!

16. Garo Mask

Before you head to Ikana Canyon, you have a short stop at the Gorman Racecourse insert to get hold of the Garo Mask.

The Gorman-racecourse is on the way to the southwest of Termina levels, the Milky Way. In the same way you are previously assessed to Romani Ranch. If you walk there in memory statue to the south, you reach the racetrack.

Talk to the Gorman brothers, as you sit on Epona and they offer you in against them to bear a race - 10 Rupees will cost the fun.

Agree and start the race. Trying to take the curves closely and jumps at the end of the obstacles. If you both have defeated, you will receive the Garo Mask of them.

17. Ikana graveyard and Ikana Canyon

Now go with Epona to the east of Termina levels towards Canyon. Jump over the obstacles and differ from the bomb mice. Once you have arrived at a dead end, you speak a Garo (here you need the same Garo Mask).

Go to the north. Climb up the survey and follow the path until you reach the Ikana graveyard.

Run further to the cottage of Boris find the gravedigger. There is a large skeleton in which you have to play the Sonata of Awakening. The skeletal captain wakes up. Run after him and strike him. If he has enough, he says goodbye and you can get out of the box, the mask of Captain.

Rewind the period prior to the evening of the first day, put on the mask of the captain and go to the cemetery. Search for the grave to walk around the three skeletons and let them dig this - jump down.

Run to the passage, do all the bats and light the torches. Then pass through the open door.

A warrior arises in your way. Target at him and recoil after each blow that you have done. You'd better patient, because it causes a lot of damage if it hits. After the fight shows the spirit Minor, which leaves you the Song of Storms.

Then you leave the cemetery and go back to where you left Epona. Set the Garo Mask and talk to the Garo. He conjures up a small tree, to which you can cover you with the grappling hook. Run along the path and avoids the obstacles - in the end you reach the Ikana Canyon.

Run straight to the river and stand on the bridge. Shoot the two Oktopuses from an Ice Arrow and jump onto the ice blocks to get to the other side. Can now look up and you'll find more small trees, where you can pull up.

If you have arrived at the memory statue, store and buy you at Tingle if needed a map.

Now you have the cave in the far north, which is at a higher level behind the music store. There you will find the spirit of major. Make him the Song of Storms. It now starts to rain, which fortunately also sell all the monsters in the canyon.

Leave the cave and go to the music store. Tuck you best behind the house and wait until a little girl leaves home. Sneak past her and go in the house.

In the house you climb the stairs to the basement, where a Gibdo breaks out of the closet. Now play the Song of liberation. The girl's father is saved and you will receive the Gibdo mask.

18. Under the wells and Mirror Shield

After you've got the Gibdo mask, you leave the music store and run the plain of western high and look for a fountain out - there you climb down and come under the well.

There are many doors with Gibdos. If you touch the Gibdo mask and talk to them, they would like some items. If they get it from you, you can pass the door. For starters, you need a red elixir and a miracle pea. This you should buy in Clock Town.

Also, do the Gibdos: spring water, hot spring water, Bomb, Deku Nut, beetles, fish, milk, night owls. With some of the items you can stock up, otherwise you can find them all here at the well.

The last Gibdo wants milk. To get milk from a cow, you have the cow Epona's song audition.

Once you reach the last room, light the torch and a box will appear - it is the mirror shield.

With the mirror shield you shine the sun on the wall and the block. Climb up the ladder appeared high and you reach the ruins of Ikana.