Dragon Ball Xenoverse Auto Patrol: what and how does it works

Dragon Ball Xenoverse Auto Patrol: what and how does it works?

We are talking about it, if someone has a character of a player in his team take on the single-player lobby, and make him PQs.

If the Chara take to PQs 7, there is a trophy.

Now you have just the problem that you have to hope that this just happened. It can speed up, however, I will explain to you how this works.

First you need a friend that you normally have in your friend list.

Create in online PQs a room and invite him into your PQ. Start it all over and completed it.

Now go into the industrial area of space-time delivery.

Go to business. Send and then on the receiver.

Now you scroll the page, the category previous play part.

Here you open the player's profile by Triangle button and take him into your favorite list using the X button.
It goes back to the area of time machine landing site, where you turn on the switch of the team registration. Give a simply what you want and the top left of your name will appear along with Charas flag.

Then go to the menu on player list, then on my list, open the profile of your partner by the triangle button and take him by the Options button on in your team. While it will cost a few coins, but only a minimal amount.

Now select Offline PQs, it will automatically end up in your group. If you completed any PQs now 7, then you part with it, a message is your partner when he starts the console again and comes on, indicating that his Chara has done 7 car patrols and get the trophy.

Since this tip will appear with the other versions of the game, I can not tell you which keys you have to use exactly for PC and Xbox, but it is, in principle, always at the bottom right which key for what is good unfortunately.

PQ = Parallel Quest