Evil Within: The Assignment Collectible Locations - DLC

Here you will find an overview of all the Collectible Locations from The Assignment. There are 18 collection items in the DLC for The Evil Within to find. We list them on you in the chronological order.

Chapter 1: The Oath

Collectible # 1: Criminal Act 1

Collectible # 2: Entry 1

Collectible # 3: Letter Fragment 1

Collectible # 4: Letter fragment 2

Collectible # 5: Entry 2

Collectible # 6: Letter fragment 3

Collectible # 7: Criminal Act 2

Collectible # 8: fragment of a letter 4

Collectible # 9: Entry 3

Chapter 2: When Paths Cross

Collectible # 10: Entry 4

Collectible # 11: Letter fragment 5

Collectible # 12: Letter fragment 6

Collectible # 13: Entry 5

Collectible # 14: Entry 6

Collectible # 15: Criminal Act 3

Collectible # 16: Letter fragment 7

Collectible # 17: Item 7

Collectible # 18: Letter fragment 8

Collectible # 1: Criminal Record 1

You'll find it at the beginning of the game. After Kidmen falls into a cave, stay right and you will find the file at the end of the cave passage.

Collectible # 2: Entry 1

The first audio recording can be found in a corridor with a dead on the floor. He will attack you. Beat him with a kick and grab the tape next to him.

Collectible # 3: Letter Fragment 1

In the room you have to move a car to find. Ignoring the car and looking instead at the table right after a vault. You see there bloody fingerprints that need to press down from the thickest to the thinnest up.

Collectible # 4: Fragment of a Letter 2

After the save point past the large hall you will find a small passage on the left. Squeeze through and you find another safe with colored wheels. Light on the pictures in the room to find the combination.

Collectible # 5: Entry 2

You reach a Mobius icon. Light out and enter the room behind it. On the rear left side of the room there is another symbol, which releases a table. It is the entry.

Collectible # 6: Letter Fragment 3

This fragment can be found at the exploding corpses. Come down the ladder, and stay on the right side, where you will find another ladder. Climb up and push the buttons on the safe until all the lights come on.

Collectible # 7: Criminal Record 2

In the room with the last scanner for Kidman's brain you can find the file on the lab bench.

Collectible # 8: Letter Fragment 4

In the large room, you'll find the safe on the left. Take the large stairs to get there. At the end of this level you will find the code you need to illuminate through the glass. Then give the pattern an on safe.

Collectible # 9: Entry 3

From the large office space is a staircase leading down to the basement. Continue and you will find a dead body in front of a large door. On the left side of the door you will find the entry.

Collectible # 10: Entry 4

Once you meet the invisible enemy, a gate with a wheel opening. However, only go into the storage room to the left of the gate, you realize through the red door. There, the entry at the end of the room.

Collectible # 11: Letter Fragment 5

After you shoot with Kidman in the sewers on the approaching enemies, she frees herself. Then go to the end of the room and the right column. There is a ladder. At the end of it you will find on the right side of the safe. But go first to the left and light up one of the pillars. There you will find the number code included to rotating direction.

Collectible # 12: Letter Fragment 6

Once you have with Kidman use one of the three backups, go through the open door to the left of the control box. Follow the path, and stay on the right. Here you will find a mobius symbol that should shine on her. Behind it is at the end of the conductor safe. Turn around and light on the wall to see the code.

Collectible # 13: Entry 5

After the fuse box you come to a room where you can fall on the left side down. However, first go to the yellow barrels at the other end and you will find the entry.

Collectible # 14: Entry 6

Once you encounter Joseph, you come to a spiral staircase. At the end you will find a door and a little further a Mobius icon. Light out and step inside. Then rotate the right icon once and lights so that the icon is created.

Collectible # 15: Criminal Record 3

When you wake up in Kidman's parents dilapidated house on, head out of the room to the right and to the aisle. Here you see a creepy shadow. Go after her and find the file on the chair.

Collectible # 16: Letter fragment 7

Go out of Kidman's house, and stay to the left along the stone wall. You discover there a boardwalk with some crates. Destroy these to expose the safe and then press the buttons until they all shine.

Collectible # 17: Entry 7

After the statue puzzle reach to another point, which you can reach only crouch. There you can find the entry on the table next to the couch.

Collectible # 18: Letter Fragment 8

Have you reached Leslie, you come into a dark room, which is also briefly seen Ruvik. On the left side there are numerous pipes in the wall. At the far end you will find the latest collectible in one of the tubes.