Ori and the Blind Forest (Xbox 360) walkthrough


In this walkthrough you will find one of the many paths through the world of Ori and the Blind Forest. Here you will also often witness of failed attempts. See this necessarily as a lesson in how not to do it.

In the distribution of skill points you have largely free hand. Respect, however, that there are skills that bring you more points faster. In the eighth chapter of this solution you will find the "point of no return". This means that you can no longer from here in the open world to collect missed things.

Part 1 - The road to the first capability ( MOST BEAUTIFUL GAME EVER)

In the first section of Ori and the Blind Forest you take time to make familiar yourself with the basic control. Object that do not readily achieved, you can ignore, since most of them are only accessible if you have more skills learned or are advanced with the story. At the end of this section, the first ability is waiting for you, flame

Part 2 - A journey full of dangers (SO MANY DEATHS)

The below video describes the way to Ginsobaum. Instead of going straight there, but a few detours were made to improve Ori. At the beginning you should invest in the skills that bring you more skill points. Keep that always in mind.

Part 3 - The opening and entering the Ginsobaums (SPIDER CHASE)

In this section Ori learned the double jump. It will soon become the most popular of your abilities. Get yourself soon the triple jump. This can protect you from many dangers.

Once you've caught Gumo, you can open to Ginsobaum and enter these. Here is the first major challenge in waiting Ori and the Blind Forest on you. Instead of boss battles, there are a few sections where Ori must flee.

Part 4 - The Ginsobaum (EVIL OWL KURO)

The Ginsobaum is infested with poisonous plants. Your goal is to get rid of this. On your way through the tree you learned the skill "Puff". Use these as often as you can, so that you mastered well. This is important because many of the puzzles later be based on that you can thrusting well.

At the end of Ginsobaums you flee quickly up to the top. Here for the first time fast action and precise use of "Puff" is required. Unlike Ori and the Blind Forest is usually the case, you cannot save anywhere here. Fail you, you begin again from the bottom. Impressed you the way up a well and the flight will be a breeze.

Ori and the Blind Forest – achievements, unlockables

Part 5 - The road to the mist forest (STOMP THE FOREST)

On this trip you acquire several skills in Ori and the Blind Forest. Just after you left the Ginsobaum, you learn to dive in clean water. Later, you can allow yourself on the skill tree and unlimited diving.

Now you learned the ramming attack. With this you can destroy situated stone face of you. More importantly, you can do so very effectively opponent. Unlike the video you should do it more often. In particular, the rhinoceros-like opponents so that you can clear very quickly out of the way.

Just before you arrived in the mist forest, you will get a Kuros springs. This element is now becoming increasingly important.

Part 6 - The mist forest (SPOOKY MAZE)

The mist forest is an incredible chapter. For one, you can use any map. On the other hand you would not do much good anyway, because the game world is continually changing. Just follow only the possible path and do not forget to save often. In this way you master the forest full of hazards most likely.

Part 7 - The misery ruins (ATTACK OF STICKY KEYS)

Now that you have mastered the cloud forest, you can open the misery ruins. Use this route from quiet to collect more skill points. Also, Health and Energy help you further challenges.

In the ruins of misery there is a very original game mechanics. Bear the small scoop of ice cream, you can walk over hot surfaces. At the same time your gravity is changed. Leave a surface by jumping you keep the gravitation of the last level that have touched.

Part 8 - The way to Horuberg - No turning back (DON'T TOUCH THE LAVA)

This approach is especially important; you should plan to take every collectable directly. After you have entered the Horuberg again, there is no way at all. Once you see the lava flows, you should therefore turn around and pick up once everything you can find. In this way, you are successes related to collecting, certainly in this run. Optionally, you can copy the current score and end up with one of them the game. Because the score with which you have completed the game, then can not be started.

Part 9 - The Horuberg - The End (ALL THE FEELS)

The Horuberg demands everything of you, what you have learned. At the beginning it paves you the way to the top. This is done primarily through the use of "Puff" capability. At the top you enter alternately left and right spaces in which closed its lava sources.

In the end, as it were, waiting for the final battle for you. This is about as fast as you can to escape Koru. In the beginning you will for sure need some experiments, because every little mistake is punished directly and brings you back to the start of this section.

Then come a few small controllable sections and then you have the end of Ori and the Blind Forest achieved.