Pillars of Eternity (PC) beginner's guide

Pillars of Eternity is a role-playing video game of the old school. The bird's-eye view your character moved by mouse click over the picturesque landscape. On what should pay attention, when you new to the world of old-school role-playing games are, you can find out here!

{This guide is a work in progress ...}


You should talk to every NPC, which you can find! How can you have a dialogue or someone you met in the world of Pillars Of Eternity depends, among others of your race, your culture, as well as your skills!

Do you have a few points plugged in, for example, determination, it may be that you will remain blocked one or the other option dialog. The positive thing is that you still see in the selection of your statement which options through which you can choose not fact.

Your skills: knowledge, survival, mechanics and athleticism off, in addition to its other benefits, including dialogue options free!

Just as your attributes: power, perception, intelligence and determination


Of course, you are not only traveling alone. But on the contrary! You can record up to 5 other characters in your group! Many of your party members can be found throughout the main and also side missions.

If you see one or the other character or simply can not find any further more, so the restaurant is a good option to recruit more members for your group. This may even be created free! Of sex, about the breed, to the classes and attributes! In vain they are not!


If one of your characters will lose its endurance, he achieve the status cripple in the first two levels of difficulty.

On fortuitous difficulty of immediate and everlasting death applies. This means that of respective character neither cured nor can be revived. To counteract this, playing on an easier difficulty and / or store frequently with the Quick Save button (F5).

(Also, this option can be adjusted in the settings)

The Call

It is possible to develop a reputation. Depending on how you move with one or the other person how your actions affect a village or a city and as you are friendly to the people, it changed the game. Some people who otherwise would be glad to meet you, towards you then might not be as friendly or even attack you. So always consider the results before you make a decision!


Out of tracking your party members you also have the possibility to meet potential companions. These companions are nothing more as a mascot. They will help you not to fight, yet you can interact with them. Nevertheless, they are a nice gimmick!

Camping Equipment

If your characters are exhausted, ie. endurance is minimal, you should rest. Only if you can engage your whole life that you have lost, resist produce. Of course, one or the other potion can improve your situation. Nevertheless, to the notch probably cheapest and best way to completely cure all your group members!

To be able to rest their needs Camping supplies, which can buy in boxes and objects, but also in restaurants, forging or other retail stores sometimes.

The Fight

If your character / s are immediately before a fight, the game is paused automatically so that you can prepare tactically. Click on the respective portrait (or your character) and then click the target to be attacked. In addition, you have access to your abilities! Use the spacebar to run or pause again. Also, (see the bottom of the screen) with the arrow to the left allow to continue the game faster or slow (which is not possible during the battle).

- See that your heavily armored characters always pull out all the enemies, that your ranger or mage have enough distance and time to fire their arrows and be able to work magic.

- Use the situation to your favor! In narrow enemy melee can compete only after the series against yours. If you have enough ranged in your group, this can mean a great advantage!

- Get rid of, if possible, the first magician and rangers in the enemy ranks. They often provide for the protection of its people and could turn a fight quickly won believed in their favor!


More than once, you will face a challenge in scripted dialogue form. This can occur when entering or leaving an area with a climbing attempt or in other ventures. In this case, you have to read a text and render a subsequent decision. In most situations you need for a certain level of athleticism, Survival, mechanics, knowledge, or secrecy in order to meet these challenges positively. The failure of one, this can result in otherwise that you lose endurance, is injured or has to repeat the challenge with higher values.


Your hero is a guard and thus being able to see into the souls of other people. What have they done wrong in a past life, which death they died and what good deeds they have done, learn it by in a few lines, which should be read. It is not this but more than a nice little feature and contributes nothing to the actual story.

Important Tips

- Default button "Tab" that can shine objects or even passages. This is very useful, especially in the mass of objects, etc., because you could miss much else.

- Many missions in which people initially appear morally could have committed terrible at all in reality. Don’t necessary to do proofs, so you some dialogs (and truths) remain so hidden!