Bloodborne: Chalice Dungeon - Pthumeru, Lost Burial Blade, Loran, Isz

General Info

Use the chalice to created different dungeons that their new bosses and valuable loot you find.

To generate new worlds, you must first travel to the dream of the hunter. There you'll see a series of grave stones - here you can perform the rituals.

To create a dungeon you first need a chalice. The first you will receive after the third boss fight against the blood-hungry beast. In most cases, their additional items or offerings required (also called "Stinking offerings"). These include blood ritual, grave mold and blood echoes.

You should know: Some of the dungeons are randomly generated. Start ritual to your opponent, the paths and rewards of the worlds differ. If you are holding a chalice containing the term "root", you are creating ever new dungeons. All other chalices, one and the same game world generate.

In the following tables we show you how to get the many chalices.

Here is an overview of all chalices:

- Pthumeru
- Lost Burial Blade
- Loran
- Isz

To be continued…