Banished (PC) tips

Always keep enough food

In order to have enough food always proceed as follows:

The start:

1. Build only 5 houses. Not more! Otherwise constantly new children are born all need food.

2. Place in a wooded area a hunter (Hunting Kabin) and a berry collector (Gatherers Hub). Both provide sufficient food for the start. Leave this forest stand! Only stone and iron mine.

Fishermen's cottages, fields, etc, give too little food to survive from the beginning! Only when there is always enough food to build as a supplement.

Set the limit for food production to 7000 or more. The higher the value more time you have on an impending food shortages to respond.

Make sure that always is a dietary abundance. If so much food is produced, the production (short-term) Stops it is optimal.

Now Build the nearest house.

Watch for some time how high the fluctuation in the food is. As long as it is close to the maximum value (6000-7000) can gradually increase more houses.

This trick can master each start.

Tip: Place as many houses construction sites as you want and let the Laborer all materials there bring out (floor plan is visible). Then pause the construction. It may however not be active builders! This works only if the Laborer are not busy collect resources.

Are you sure that enough food is available then you can go on to build then.

Build as soon as possible a port (Trading Post). A worker will do just fine here. Fill it with everything you can even (especially Firewood, Herbal and tools if possible 1,000 units or more) Produce. Then buy as soon as possible cows, chickens and sheep. Straight hens bring much food (chicken and eggs). Eighth in the chicken but the icon. Sowol the meat as well as the animals are both called "Chicken". 2 animals are quite sufficient for the breed!

Safe house building

Your village does not grow too fast, you should not 10 homes in a year will build, but rather builds slowly but surely 1-3 houses and see as to propagating the population.


If you build 10 houses used their mass imprisonment food and stock up on your food can go loose from 7000 to 0, and already dying 30 people.

As I have written above build ever once you further want to build your village, build 1-3 homes and see to evolve and how much food is still in the camp as the people.

Great are the statistics from the Town Hall, there you have a good overview.

Mass production

If you follow this guide here, you know how you can get out of a production building the maximum production!

I hereby suggestions on how you can increase productivity when you produce actually followed all the steps you (more) twice:

1. Once you (etc. or orchard / forge / quarry) has built farmland, should be at least. 2 houses are very closely built on farmland, so the farmers do not always run for miles just to have eaten at home what times. While this does not increase the productivity of the land, but your people reap as the grain more quickly. In quarry / forging / Schneider etc. which increases productivity enormously.

Once a forester / Herbalist / gatherer / hunter build, you should build site where possible off the line build, otherwise the productivity decreases because the take away quite a lot of space, even if it does not look so.

How to check is that the worker is as close to a production facility?

There are two ways:

Option 1: Simply click on the nearest house, from a production building (eg forester) and looks at the family after what have for professionals.

Option 2: There is a tool, which is often tend to overlook. The tool can be found at: Click on the screw (or press F2), then you click on the icon the right of the icon where an arrow that points upward on it (or press 7) then click it on the desired production building or house and then you see lines. These are lines where people live and work, as you can see about how far it is when you go from home to the workplace.

2. Many build late to school, which is an error in my ways, because if you build a school you're gonna get any disabled workers, but properly taught adults know how to harvest properly, for example.

Especially in the crafts school is efficiently on!

An incompetent worker who works in the forge producing approximately 20-40 Tools, an able / scholar working projected 60-100 !!!

Thus you will save in any case a lot of workers.

So is building as early as possible a school that workers work about 70% effizenter!

3. Next step is the mood (star). They work the happier people are more rapidly.

The following things make people happier:

- Chapel

- Verity (Larger range of food)


- Cemetery

- Good Health

Once a person is happy working about 20% faster.

I'm sure that there are several ways to increase the efficiency production buildings, only I have not yet discovered may find their new strategies.

Housing market - eviction by demolition

From the toolbox of Miethaien and Housing speculators following tip comes:

Situation: Housing Market tense, some residents even without their own living room, on the other hand, there are widows or widowers (or residents with confident bachelor existence), inhabit a house on their own.

Builder set to zero: Precaution

Mark two or more houses and set on demolition (Destroy Structure). Wait briefly until the occupants of the house are "asked", then call the abort (reclaim). Now heterosexual couples should be found who previously lived alone to live in the house for two; or young residents leave home to start a new family.

Start Maps - card numbers

Tips for good card numbers at the start of Banished:

- 290 in valleys, large area next to Start

- 878714253 in valleys

- 913496383 in valleys

Housing and workers

Here is a small additional tip for a well-functioning settlement:

(Please note: this tip is directed almost to the "mass entertainment" of many other tips and is therefore difficult to apply to existing villages)

a big problem, especially in my early days, not completely harvested fields and slowly work done work were operated in.

The main reason were the IMENS long walkways of the villagers. namely they must come home (to eat or whatever else they drive as) .The you simply can, however, stop by not hoarding the houses, but they imagine distributed on productions such as my outlying fishing huts also a few doors down (preferably made of stone), and a bearing for the fish. Although have the villagers now walk long distances to get firewood, clothing, etc. to pick up, but this they do only a few times a year.

Hope the tip help a few people at the increase of productions