Ether One (PS4) Locations of All 9 Knocker figures

1. Pinwheel Harbour: In the post office, under the counter

2. Pinwheel Harbour: in Alexander Graham Bell's safe (Code: 0427)

3. Industrial Centre: In Safe Warden (Code: 0112)

4. Industrial Centre: In the Safe grinder Management (Code: 1845)

5. Pinwheel Village: In the house opposite the cinema, on the first floor in the nursery on a shelf

6. Pinwheel Village: In the Inn, in the safe of the Manager (Code: 1410)

7. Pinwheel Village: You have the mystery of the Export-projector solution. After a Lore pulls up, on which the figure stands

8. Brimclif Mine: At an altitude of 400, in a locker

9. Brimclif Mine: At the level of 380, the desk

Ether One complete walkthrough