Final Fantasy Type-0 HD (PS4) Espers (Shoukanjuu?) guide

Welcome to this Esper Guide to Final Fantasy Type-0 HD . Here you learn how you can find all Esper in the game. If you need more information about the game, look in our complete solution or the Guides to side events and contracts purely.

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Table of Contents:

- Ifrit Class

- Golem Class

- Shiva Class

- Odin Class

- Diabolos Class

- Bahamut Class

Ifrit class

Ifrit - Over Story

Immolation - End use field "United Front" in difficulty "normal".

Rubicante - During the mission "Operation MA Demolition" in Chapter 3, the SO fulfill "Defeat with your active character Brionac as fast as you can".

Vulcan - During the mission, "The battle over Yudekka" in Chapter 5, the SO fulfill "Defeat with your active character Mikazuchi".

Doom - Complete the Field "storming of the border" in difficulty "normal".

Ignis - Complete the mission "Battle on the Big Bridge" in difficulty "Agito".

Golem Class

Golem - Complete the mission "infiltration Iscahs" in Schwirigkeitsgrad Normal

Gigas - Complete the Field "Verteibung the Militesi" on Normal difficulty

Troll - Complete the field use "Colonel Faith revolt" on Normal difficulty

Oger - Complete the 2nd playthrough the mission "nebulized foray" in Normal

Titanium - Complete the 2nd playthrough the SO "The Crystal orders you to destroy the Golem" in the mission "Machinas fight"

Dwarf Golem - Complete the Field "decisive battle in Azurr" on Normal difficulty

Shiva Class

Shiva - Complete the mission "Battle for the Togoreth fortress" on Normal difficulty

Shankara - Complete the 2nd playthrough the mission "Operation Breakthrough"

Small Shiva - Complete the Field "Protect cadets" in difficulty Agito

Odin Class

Odin - Complete the mission "The Battle on the Big Bridge" on Normal difficulty

Odin (Chapter 1) - This Esper only appears in Chapter 1 of the game

Grimmir - Complete the 2nd Play Trough the mission "At ceasefire" in difficulty Agito

Diabolos Class

Diabolos - Complete the Field "Operation Dragon Slayer" on Normal difficulty

Baalberith - Complete the 2nd Play Trough the SO "joining the Earth Dragon at least 3,500 damage" would be the mission "Operation Vulturnus"

Astaroth - Complete the Field "in Mr. Dragon Nest" on Normal difficulty

Bahamut Class

Bahamut - Complete the 2nd playthrough the mission "Operation Vulturnus" in difficulty Nomal

Neo-Bahamut - Complete the Field "Colonel Faith's revolt" in difficulty Agito

Zero-Bahamut - Zero-Bahamut appears in Chapter 2 when all the characters have been defeated in the 5th mission in the fight against Shinryu Celestia