The Evil Within - The Executioner (DLC) PC walkthrough

In The Evil Within: The Executioner we take on the role of the infamous executioner from the main game. In addition, the third DLC has prepared another innovation. Instead of the usual way to leave the camera behind your character, you throw the developer in a first-person shooter. As you fight your way through the small extension, you can see in our video walkthrough for The Evil Within: The Executioner.

The Executioner

In the first part we take on the role of the executioner who is looking for his daughter in STEM. We return to the Victoriano property and must separate the first subjects of the machine.

The Daughter

We come closer to the daughter, as we move deeper into the STEM. Again we separate subject and visit an arena in which there is to grab bonus coins. With these you can buy upgrades in the store.

The Monster

Last subject separate the executioner of his daughter. Especially the "old friends" in the car park makes us create.

The Evil Within (PS4) The Consequence (DLC) walkthrough
The Ebon Watcher

At last we have found the daughter of the executioner. Unfortunately, we have to make a great sacrifice in order to free her. In STEM stands against us the last opponent of DLCs: The black guard.

This youtube walkthrough video (Rangris) contains: BOSS Sadist, Boss Zahn, Boss Joseph and Final Boss Fights.