The Witcher 3: best ways to make Money / Gold (Crowns)

In The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, the player controls the warlock Geralt of Rivia. In a world ravaged by a terrible evil, the protagonist must survive, carry out works and accumulate money. But what are the best ways to make gold (crowns) in the game?

Check out how to be successful in this endeavor.

Accepting Contracts / Quests

Without a doubt, one of the most profitable ways to get money for The Witcher 3 is finalizing contracts. The Sidemissions of the game where you perform tasks for the villagers in exchange for good exchanged. To make a contract, just go to the Bulletin Board in any town and see what's available and accept them.

Street Fighting 

In The Witcher 3, there are several clandestine fights. Geralt fight against opponents and receives in return the money wagered in combat. You can decide how much to invest, but you are encouraged to bet as much as possible because the enemies are very easy to defeat, provided you know how to dodge and counterattack.

Horse Racing

He likes to ride the roach, Geralt horse? Like gold? How about joining business with pleasure and participate in some Horse Racing?

You can find disputes at various points distributed on the game map. The advantage of these races is that they are short. This allows obtaining some loose change very quickly, but as soon as the street fights, they can only be made once.

Selling Items

Many traders around the game sporting for goods and try to attract customers. But these vendors are also willing to pay for items. If you are one of those players who did not lose a reward This is a good way to sell the items unused and sometimes without.

Playing Gwent

Gwent is the famous Card Game between the characters of The Witcher 3. You must use strategy and have a little luck in the card game. You can bet before matches a reasonable amount of gold coins, you will win or lose at the end of the rally. Gwent players can be found almost anywhere, from sitting on a bench up in a bar.