Ark - Survival Evolved (PC) Tame and Ride Dinosaurs

Learn How To Train Your Dinosaurs

In this short guide we will show you step-by-step instructions: create and tame your own dinosaurs in no time in the Ark - Survival Evolved. Once you have domesticated the giant monsters, you need only one saddle to ride them and even to fight with them against other players and dinosaurs. How it all works, you see the following list.

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- Collect Berries
- Saddle Explore
- Dinosaurs KO Beat
- Berries feed
- Sit and Go Horse Riding

Collect Berries

To tame a dinosaur, you need berries. Especially you should collect the Narco Berries. These keep the dinosaurs quietly later. The remaining varieties need you to feed the monster. So going on your first journey to look for bushes. Now pick the berries. Collect as many as possible so that you are prepared for all eventualities.

Saddle Explore

Later you can ride on the dinosaurs, of course you need a saddle. These can be found either in the Arks that appear for a short time in the game world or in the Engram. There you can buy them for a couple of points and then restore the crafting menu.

Dinosaur KO Beat

Have you found the dinosaur that suits your saddle, you have to make him unconscious. Either you hit a bare-knuckled on the monster or you miss him from a distance a few stones with your sling. Especially with carnivores, this can be a dangerous game.

Berries Feed

Now you can access the inventory of the dinosaur. Fill the places there with normal and Narco Berries. The normal berries fill the bar at the bottom which gives you information about the degree of taming. Is it full of dinosaurs you of all loyal. The Narco Berries fill the purple bar again. If this drops below 50 percent, the dinosaurs may wake up again and the taming fails. So make to feed now and then one of the berries through a manual command. Once you have tamed the beast, only one step remains.

Sit and Go Horse Riding

Since you have your dinosaurs finally tamed, you can put him on the saddle and ride off the inventory. Your new companion is also rising to the level. So gain points you can redeem also to elevated levels. So your mount as the game is getting stronger and grows, so to speak with you with.