Lego Jurassic World (PC) review

This early summer with a new dinosaur movie was the right time to bring a new Lego game with tetra logy of Jurassic Park. Play the best scenes of the movies are some of the specialties of TT Games, as demonstrated from Lego Star Wars (2005). With Lego Jurassic World follows the line of Lego: The Lord of the Rings and Lego: The Hobbit Lego characters and placing objects on realistic scenarios; and the combination works equally well in the movies based on the series of Tolkien.

As in games of these trilogies, it is a linear adventure with an open world to explore (which TT Games tested successfully for the first time in the Lego games LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes) and with many side quests, as free workers who are in trouble, participate in races with a dinosaur or one of the vehicles of the park, you get collectibles missing or simply to see the world as if you were a dinosaur.

Three things Lego Jurassic World does very well (recover the highlights of the film, adapted to Lego games and let you play with dinosaurs) and two in which failure (the technical section and facilitate the player to move through the different movies and worlds). The result is positive, especially for those who are faithful followers of the two series (the video games and movies). TT Games has taken the tact games Lego pieces and knows how to put them, suit different franchises.

The proliferation in recent years games Lego Glad we could more saturated Inevitably have the feeling of playing always the same, you take ten years to do so and that the various phases are varied..; the puzzles are constant to advance, but there are more phases of platforms, others where there are little fighting (always melee) against other characters or with less size dinosaurs like Compsognathus, omissions, with specialized stealth and stealth characters the recovery of the invisibility cloak Lego: Harry Potter.

Although the difficulty has never been higher in the Lego games, in this case the bar down a little more. There are missions in vehicle that is actually bonus stages in which you just have to decide which side to get going or fewer objects and coins and keys to select panels of the park or the "mathematical formulas" are anecdotal. At other times you must face Velociraptors by simulated QTE, but you can not lose the fight. Lego is perhaps the film game series most simply offer a different view of movies and allow you to remember what you liked (including key dialogue). The missions are exciting to watch, but do not pose a challenge to play. Frustration does not come from the gameplay, but the bugs.

To enjoy the game is highly recommended to have seen all four movies, because the story is well told, is a memorable jump from scene to scene. And it is good that more dialogue is dispensed with in favor of reproducing the most representative parts. These yes they are almost all and a pleasure recalling the first time that Alan Grant looks up to see a dinosaur to the end of the film with the Indominus Rex, all the scenes take you to relive the movies with that Lego special touch.

The characters are some of the elements that TT Games usually hit, and in this case too, although there is little variety in the skills. Some are fun, like happily throw a pile of excrement to find out why a dinosaur It has sickened or screaming to break a type of Lego bricks. The characters are excellent caricatures of the stars of the films. Especially we liked Ian Malcolm and Alan Grant by how they are portrayed and added humorous stayed with Amanda Kirby, Eric's mother (Jurassic Park 3) which illuminates when the megaphone is idle to call his son, and Grady Owen, playing with toy dinosaurs.

Parties of more tension, as the first encounter with a tyrannosaurus or kitchen scene from the first film with Velociraptors are de-dramatized one of the best weapons we know how to use the puppets of the Lego games. Humor Dinosaurs make winks at the camera, posing for photos, they are thugs and fun and take much of the weight of the game, although only controls certain moments during the campaign.

You can choose to play the original trilogy or Jurassic World, but if you choose the first option should play them in the order they were released, and not have access to until you have completed all five phases of the above. TT Games has opted for a menu visual and pretty original, which mimics the panel about the park, and the equivalent to the main menu would be the heliport where you decide if you're the first trilogy or fourth film, but certainly not comfortable or quick moving within Jurassic Park.

The same applies to the maps. There is one, the Jurassic Park 2 and 3 in Sorna, but Clouded two, the one of the first movies and Jurassic World. It is so complicated moving between film and map, but might have been clearer if they had not only added banners and symbols. Within each map happens same: to see how each mission will have to enter it.

It struggled to find the center of creating dinosaurs from the same lack of indicators on the map. In the main building of Jurassic World you can use Lego pieces that you have found to design characters and custom dinosaurs, although everything is reduced to a few choices on the screen of a computer. It is best that you can build a dinosaur as for use in free play, which is when you can enjoy the dinosaurs, because during the campaign you control very little.

In roulette of characters you can become one of those you have unlocked or you've designed, and some large platforms blue there in some places you can call some dinosaurs. They are divided by size and have different abilities like the other characters .

It's great fun running a career as one of the medium-sized dinosaurs, but others are too great, especially the brontosaurus, very inconvenient to handle because of their size. Even hard to see where you're going, given the high altitude of the camera and nothing more than a curiosity without any real utility to unlock collectible.

Once you've finished the campaign it's time to delve into the intricacies of each level there-and some prominent and highly amused with free game where you can switch characters at will. Besides seeing everything the studio has prepared you get money and collectibles as the usual yellow or red brick boxes with bones that have parts of dinosaur or the most interesting pieces of amber that unlock in each phase a different dinosaur.

But the truth is that once you've revisited every part of the main story does not make sense a free world.

The load times of each stage are long but become more entertained with the data you are providing Mr DNA (the doll is a double helix which introduced the recovery of the dinosaurs at the beginning of the first film and who here makes the double Help function within the game and report facts about dinosaurs in the long loading screens.

Both history and the free game guarantee hours (not too many to be an open world) entertaining game that will be liked by fans of the film series, as long as patients are the worst aspect of Lego Jurassic World: failures The technicians have suffered all kinds. characters are lost in an infinite blackness, others must carry an object but suddenly have two and are not able to trigger the action they are supposed to perform, cameras focus where there passes the action items that hang ... nothing serious enough to restart a movie, but to play again half a phase.

We get the feeling that these failures are becoming more. Already in Lego Batman 3 we found too many to be acceptable, and this goes even further, testing our patience with TT Games, however much we like their games.

Visually the game is the quality of the rest of Lego titles. The characters are distinct, real scenarios fit well on this occasion. The recreation of the two islands is exceptional and plastic dinosaurs have that touch that fits so well in the series Lego. The same can be said of the sound, the films for most of the dialogues (although in some it feels that it is not) and the music of John Williams is embedded throughout the game to help ambientarlo and not forget what you're playing. We like even in its version of ice cream cart.

Despite the glitches, Lego Jurassic World is certainly entertaining and excellent tribute to the film series. It reflects how it has evolved to the vision of dinosaurs as new movies coming out, from the dangerous and fearsome wild animals of the first Jurassic Park to the Middle Jurassic World trained He also liked the variety of behaviors in animals.; Tyrannosaurus is like a dog while the velociraptor is closer to a cat and triceratops is like a bull.

Play as a dinosaur is one of the strengths of the game, but is not handled as well as it would be desirable and must learn, for example, the triceratops to maneuver. The editor is not as fun as it looked and left at the end as a good way to have a dinosaur with what more do you need for free play. It is a game that shows the best and worst side of Lego games TT Games.