Batman - Arkham Knight: Unlock all endings

Overall, there are two different ends in Batman - Arkham Knight. This includes the end, after you have completed all the main missions and a special "true" end again holds some extra sequences for you. What you have to do for each end, you can see below:

Of course, the whole thing cannot tell without spoilers. Those who still want to enjoy the story to the fullest, you should not view any of the following posts.

1. Normal end
2. "True" End: Knightfall protocol

Normal End

For the normal end we need only the main story to play through. That means Batman has been unmasked and exposed in public by Scarecrow. Yet the billionaire superhero could bring the villains behind bars and conquer his inner demons. Then you come back to Gotham and yet can approach the most wanted missions. These are the "true" end.

At this point the game can be regarded as closed. While Bruce Wayne was unmasked, he can spend at least one more night in Gotham as a dark knight.

"True" End: Knightfall Protocol

For the second end you have to complete all Most Wanted Missions. Just as you come to one hundred percent and on the last movie of the free game. What you must do everything you read in the following list:

- Line of Duty
- Riddler's Revenge
- The Perfect Crime
- Creature of Darkness
- Heir to the Cowl
- Gotham on fire
- Gunrunner
- Bandit with two faces
- A Friend in Need
- Campaign for Disarmament
- Own the roads
- Occupy Gotham
- Armoured and Dangerous
- Lamb to the slaughter

Then you can trigger the Knightfall protocol on the roof of GCPD. Bruce Wayne goes to his estate, where already numerous onlookers and reporters lie in wait for him. After he enters his villa, the whole house explodes in a huge fireball. Then you get even a little insight into the events thereafter. Jim Gordon is an aspiring mayor of Gotham and Oracle and Robin are on the way to the wedding. It follows a cut to some civilians who go into a side street, where they are attacked by robbers. A shadow detaches from the roof. The robbers who show visibly unimpressed since Batman's apparent death are quickly retuned, when the figure exploded in a great Batman symbol of fire. Perhaps a small glimpse into the future of the series?