Rocket League: All game modes

Training, season and various online modes await you in Rocket League. The game modes and team collections are diverse, which is why we give you an overview of each game mode in racing and football game.

In Rocket League there are various game modes. You can refine your skills in training and learn new, in the season you play on different difficulty levels against AI bots to win the championship or Venture into the online mode, where you play against players from around the world for the best places on the Rocket League rank.

Rocket League: All game modes at a glance - Training

Before you play your first match, you should work out in the basics of Rocket League and advanced control methods to learn. The training modes are divided for a steadily rising learning curve in several levels of difficulty.

- Tutorial: Here you learn the basic control mechanisms to know and makes you familiar with your Battle-Car. Even an advanced tutorial is available by its front and side flips and learned flying by Boost.

- Free game. Only you, the pitch and the ball is in free play you can try things and try learned in practice.

- Goalkeeper: In three difficulty levels (beginner, advanced, all-star) is about a series of 10 shots from different directions to repel with your Battle-Car.

- Forward: In three levels of difficulty (Beginner, Intermediate, All-Star) must carry balls into the goal from the ground or from the air. Here you have a limited time.

- Jump: In three difficulty levels (beginner, advanced, all-star) must use jumping and your flying skills to transform balls that are shot out of cannons outside the gate.

Rocket League: All game modes - friendly and season

The friendly match mode is comparable to a fast game. Here you can quickly match against bots or pals fight. Here you play exclusively with and against AI controlled bots and play for the championship. Here you can adapt to your wishes the season with various options.

- Teamsize
- Bot difficulty
- Length of season
- Teams in the finals

In addition, you decide for a assemble team and selects different AI comrades. In a season you play against all other teams as they battle for a table position at the top. Grab a place at the top, you play finally in the finals in knockout tournaments for the championship.

Rocket League: Online Matches

Really challenging it is in the online modes. This is in normal or Ranked matches for places on the leaderboard. You can find more info about that in our guide to Rocket League: Ranking System. In the online game modes you can choose from the following.


- Duel (1 vs. 1)
- Double (2 vs. 2)
- Standard (3 vs. 3)
- Chaos (4 vs. 4)


- Single-duel (1 vs. 1)
- Double (2 vs. 2)
- Single Standard (3 vs. 3)

Especially in chaos mode can go the overview flutes with eight people with Battle-Cars in the game.