Rocket League: ranking system guide

The entertaining car Ball Game Rocket League has an internal ranking system on fights with players from around the world for places up front. But how does the ranking system work in the game exactly? What is your rank calculated? We tell you everything you need to know about the leaderboard in Rocket League.

Rocket League: Ranking System

Update: Season 2

Recently the developers of Rocket League have made some changes in the ranking system. A significant change is that the Season 1 leagues have been replaced. The following list shows you what changes were made.

- Rank Points: The Rank Points were removed and your classification is now on the skills rank.

- Won and lost games: For the ranking in Rocket League now include your skills in the rounds, how many lost and won games you have in the account.

- Competition: The Ranked-playlist is now called competition. It is the usual playlist subordinate, so that you can better distinguish between the modes.

- Ascent and descent in the rankings: Growing your skill rank, you will ascend to the next higher league. If you have trouble at the beginning in the new league, you'll descend immediately, but you can continue to prove.

- Top-League: Anyone can ascend because the leagues are not limited. Worth your skill points and rises in the rankings, to enter one of the highest divisions.

- Skill Rank: The skill rank of the first season is transferred to the second.


Do you want to play in a Ranked Rocket League match, you have to in the online game in finding select one or more filters under the item rank and then look for a match. The ranked matches you may know at the Golden Ball in addition to the modes. Ranked Matches are possible in the following situations:

- Single-duel (1 vs. 1)
- Double (2 vs. 2)
- Single Standard (3 vs. 3)

For each option, there is a ranking. For example you play only in the double, it ranked only in the corresponding leaderboard. Before your first rank, you should train normal playlist matches, that you may be better prepared.

Rocket League: Ranking - What are points?

For each completed high score game you earn your skill points that determine your skill rank on the leaderboard. These are calculated solely by the relative strengths of the two teams.

- If the skill rank of your opponents a lot higher than yours and you win the match, you get a high number of points on your account and increase your rank.

- If the skill rank of your opponents a lot lower than yours and you win the match, you get a low number of points on your account. If you lose on the other hand, you lose a lot of points.

- Also transgress against opponents, who are in similar rankings regions, both profit and loss margin is correspondingly low.

The ranking you can see under the item tools in the main menu of the game. You can also play Rocket League online in split screen and share with your friends on a PC or a PlayStation 4 to complete the split screen Ranked Matches.

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