Victor Vran (PC) - walkthrough

Welcome to the world of Victor Vran. Victor travels to Vran Zagoravia. A world of spiders, vampires and ghosts, which must be cleaned up. Even a hunter in the city, one wonders? Yes.

As a tool for the travel, we refer to the following guides:

Farming and Leveling Guide
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Zagore ... the fallen city, the land of no return.

Reaching the Castle Zagore

We answer the call of Adrian, a friend, who knows our secrets. The city is empty. The first spider that shows up is repelled. We find the first treasure chest with a new weapon, the hammer.

Fallen Fortress

Here Victor meets the dangerous manikin. The ability of the demons force learns to use the Ghostbusters.

The City Gates

Castle Zagore is the last safe place; here can be a goods sale - discover places with a quick tour.

Here you can decide costume type

- Costume Hunter
- Costume of the Cavalier
- Costume of the righteous

Finally, we meet Damian, Sir Krum, the patriarch Casimir and Queen Katarina.

The Royal Garden

- Explore the Royal Gardens
- Talk to Irene
- Reach the cemetery of the damned
- Search the crypt for Adrian
- Talk with Karl Lagerfeld in the tomb of the Damned
- Reach the Stained Tomb
- Explore the Stained Tomb

In the Royal Gardens we first meet our friend, the voice again. This has nothing important to say and teases you just a little. When exploring we meet Irene, another hunter. Although heard from Adrian, but never met him. Irene advises you to look into the tomb of the Damned. There we do not find, although Adrian, but dead hunters and Corporal Karl Lagerfeld, need the rescue. He was with some hunters in stained tomb on the road when they were attacked. The coward just took off and has the hunters left behind. So we go into the tomb to see if there is still someone to help.


Use the map to travel

Reach the ruins of the watchtower / out the ruins of the watchtower. We are looking for Irene. Now we find ourselves still in the fight with a Gequäten soul (Champion).

Reach the Frost Tooth Cave / out the Frost Tooth Cave

We go further the frost tooth cave and hit the Champion Undead gravedigger.

Reach the Widow Mine / out the Widow Mine

Then we enter the Widow Mine and show the undead berserk what the hammer as a weapon can do. Now we can talk to Irene. After Tsar Borimir makes his appearance.

Private audience

Reach the Royal Crypt

We need to talk to Queen Katarina, in order to enter the crypt.

Enter the Royal Crypt

It is important to evacuate a few skeletons out of the way for advancement.

Collect the access to the lower levels

Before we get to the entrance, we are dealing with a superior force of skeletons. Having slain the last enemy, Victor noticed in the hall the figure of a hunter. Victor finds access to the lower level of the crypt.

Find Adrian

Now we attack by a gentleman at monsters as Berserker, Pyromancer and the forgotten king. As a bit of a challenge to the toxic undead beasts stand in our way.

Kill Adrian The Fallen

We hear Adrian's voice and our goal is very close. But Adrian is not looking for a friend, but our first boss, of a well added.

Bitter Truth

- Queen Katarina’s place
- Talk to Queen Katarina
- Use the map to travel to the High Quarter
- Reach the lost Chateau
- Explore the lost Chateau
- Kill the Volkovs
- Examine the history books

We confront Katarina with the knowledge gained. The short version of this is that the queen at least partly is to blame for the plague. But Victor is finally a true hero, the defenseless not let you down. Tzar Borimir knew more about the pact entered into by the Queen. So Victor makes up for lost Chateau.

Along the way, we get to a place where Gargoyle statue that suddenly come to life. However, no problem we have our weapons. A little bit later we arrive at the lost Chateau where we encounter several enemies. After the shootout we finally see the history books. There we find the reference to a chapel in the onion quarters.

TZar Borimir

Use the map to go to the cemetery to Travel

Reach the Onion Quarters

Before the onion quarters, the dark forces have set the gargolye, from where it is a lot of out of the way. There is the entrance to the mausoleum, but a new task is waiting for the hunter - a champion splinter guard.

Reach the Defiled Chapel / out the Defiled Chapel

The chapel is on fire, don’t emit heat. At the end of the chapel we still have to overcome a few phantoms before the first hunter Zar Borimir evident.

- Kill the phantoms of Tsar Borimirs resting place
- Talk to the spirit of Zar Borimir

From the very first hunters and builders of the city you are experiencing some very interesting things; also about the Queen. Also Borimir gets presents a story.

Three boss battles

- Find and kill Mordra the Broodmother
- Find and kill Vail the Immortals
- Find and kill Rachnoss the Host

Find and kill Mordra the Broodmother

Mordra the Broodmother is a giant spider that lives in a cave in the royal gardens. The first of three boss battles designed tenaciously because Mordra gets support of countless spiders.

Find and kill Vail the Immortals

Vail the immortals we find the mausoleum of the bones. He bears his name in vain. As long as the phylactery is not destroyed in the middle of the mausoleum, Vail will be raised over and over again. We beat him down and follow his wishing for resurrection soul.

Find and kill Rachnoss the Host

Rachnoss, it is also a gigantic spider who likes attacking us from the cave ceiling, while his minions make life on the ground to hell. But wait ... this rock pillars look unstable ...


Reach the heart of Frost

To get to the heart of Frost, our path leads through the dealers' district, which is populated by vampires. But with targeted steps to the northwest and a few blows here and there shots, we see behind the circus the entrance to the heart of Frost.

Kill Elsa

Elsa is typical Champion and should make us no problems. The Gar we must nevertheless make her to meet Tsar Borimir. This tells of a threat.

Kill Apocalypse

The Zagore castle and the last survivors are at risk. Apocalypse is planning an attack. We prevent this by providing us the monster ...

Into Well of Worlds

The path leads us back to the royal crypt. The gate, which is hidden at the end of the tomb and had long been closed, now opens its doors and gives us entry to the source of the Worlds. What a strange place.

Activate the Well of Worlds

Before we can enter the portal to the demon realm, a variety of demons need to be done.
Champions and their lackeys in abundance

Enter the source of the Worlds

Done! The portal seems stable and we can enter it. By the source we get into the demon realm. But what inspiration shoots because by Viktor’s head, as the voice speaking to him again?

Explore the demon realm

What unholy place. But we get so slow a sense that our journey draws to an end. We are fighting our way through sandy soil and floating rock to meet the general counsel at the end of the road on Wa-Lee.

Defeat Wa-Lee the General Counsel

A relentless boss battle is imminent. But this brings with it hope.

Hunt for Gabriel

Journey to the steam area

Once we have the kings reported by our newly gained knowledge, it gives us an indication of where we can find Gabriel. The path leads into the steam area.

Reach the shunned Villa

Once in the steam area, we fight our way to the north of the industrial district. A multitude of Champions complicates progress

Find a way into the Villa

The door that would take us actually in the Villa is closed. However, the path over the rocks around the property seems to be an option.

Find Gabriel's inner sanctum

We found a little detour after all even access to Gabriel's home. Now we have to fight only through the premises to be at the end of access to the inner sanctum, where hiding Gabriel.

Final Battle

Point and defeat Lord Gabriel

Now there is no turning back. In the final battle we face Gabriel. If we win, Gabriel is one soul to the counsel and the pact between him and Queen Katarina goes! But ...

"... Can the evil be ever really defeated? Or is it eternal? As a dark seed that always finds new ways to grow and to destroy the world"