MGS 5 The Phantom Pain: Unlock Emblems / badges / logos

The emblem is your personal badge / logo in MGS 5: The Phantom Pain and can be made with hundreds of different design elements. This you can unlock through various gaming achievements. We show you how you can get the emblem parts and how you unlock the special emblems.

If you are unhappy with your / badge, you can customize it at any time in the Aerial Command Center. It mainly consists of four components: Front Pattern, Back Pattern and Two words, in which it also may be individual letters or figures (digits).

You are allowed to rotate Emblem parts freely, move, re-size, and colorize but you have to make sure that the two parts of words fit on the screen. You can unlock the new emblem parts following ways:

Normal Back Pattern you’ll get especially after completing of all mission tasks within the main missions.
Normal Front Pattern you’ll get through the completion of the main missions with S-Rank (How to get S-Rank).
Some emblems can be found on the platforms of the Mother Base.
For each animal that you extracted, you get the corresponding badge.
You get also the corresponding emblem by unlock codenamed.
Emblem parts for words you get mostly by completing Side Ops.

How to unlock rare special emblems

Outer Haven - Complete the secret mission with an S-Rank.
Pieuvre / Octopus Armement - Complete mission 12 with an S-rank.
Old Mother Base - Successfully complete the Mission 01 with an S-rank.
Peace Walker - After you have collected all Memento Photos look at the last cutscene with Paz.

Diamond Dogs – Customize emblem for your buddy D-Dog
CFA - Complete the Mission 21 with an S-rank.
Rogue Coyote – Complete the Mission 19 with an S-rank.
Zero Risk Security Inc. Complete - Mission 28 with an S-rank.
Outer Heaven - Complete the secret mission (how to unlock secret mission 46) with S-Rank.
Raven Sword - Complete Mission 31 with an S-rank.
Werewolf - Complete Mission 45 with an S-rank.
Praying Mantis - Look at the cutscene of Eli’s escape.
Otselotovaya Khvatka - Complete the secret mission with an S-Rank.