Konami reveals a new bug corrupts MGS 5: The Phantom Pain - PS4

Konami has announced that they have discovered a new bug that corrupts games in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, although this time the bug only affects the version of PlayStation 4.

As commented the company, this error only affects consoles which have multiple accounts Sony Entertainment Network (SEN), or what is the same, if you share your PS4 with someone using an account different from yours PSN, you could suffer this bug at any time.

When that happens and you try to load the game, it says that the saved file can not be used because it has not been able to find important downloadable content. Konami has said it is already working to fix this issue and meanwhile suggested using only a PSN account to prevent it.

This is not the first similar error suffered by the game since before it was discovered one that affected all versions, although it has been solved. MGS 5 The Phantom Pain: Bugs and Issues / Quiet shower scene