The Legend of Zelda - Tri Force Heroes tips

The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes is now available exclusively for Nintendo 3DS, allowing us to collaborate with two other friends (three players in total) to overcome all kinds of dungeon. It can be played alone locally and through Internet download.

Tri Force Heroes, the new multiplayer takes place a few years after A Link Between Worlds and is played by the same hero. Certain events lead him into the realm of Pasarelia. There is no way to tell where the other candidates came from, but the character the player controls is the real Hylian hero of A Link Between Worlds.

The Legend of Zelda - Triforce Heroes is actually designed as an online adventure. But you have also the possibility to play alone. Either way we will show you what you have to pay attention.

- Both the online and the single player mode have their advantages. If you play with two other players, tasks are much easier to deal with, because three players act simultaneously. In single player mode you have even three pawns, but always can control only one.

- Online share the three players a life bar - every hit counts! If you play alone, only the figure may be damaged, which controls straight. So it is to change sense quickly when you see yourself in danger.

- Each dungeon is divided into four sections. Pro Dungeon you can skip a section or thrice have three retries, if you have lost all hearts. This means that you must only provide a theoretical section and skip the rest to complete a dungeon.

- But beware: If you skip sections, the likelihood is reduced to a valuable material as a reward. If you skip all three sections, you can no longer receive material, but only coins. In addition, the dungeon is marked then not passed as complete.

- Materials you used to sew costumes. Each costume has its special characteristic - agreeing this to the Dungeon, you want to play.

- If you have completed an entire area, you will unlock additional challenges. Each dungeon can be played with additional side effects. While these challenges, there are new materials to obtain.