Need for Speed (2015) all collectibles / locations maps

In Need for Speed, if you are traveling on the streets of Ventura Bay, you will encounter numerous collectibles. There are four different types of items including Vista Spots, Donut Spots, Car Challenges and the long-awaited Free Parts. The progress of your search is displayed on the right side of the screen.

Vista Spots

Overall, you can find 30 different Vista Spots in NFS. These collectibles scattered on the six districts of Ventura Bay. Once you are in close proximity to the collector's object, it will appear on the mini-map in the bottom left of the screen.

Once you have discovered such collector's item, your car will be placed in front of it and the game automatically takes a photo. This photo you can see in the menu item and even share it with your friends. For the corresponding pictures you can reward with "like".

Collectibles, Burnwood District Map, Need for Speed, NFS 2015
Collectibles in Burnwood District 

Need for Speed, 2015, Collectibles, Crescent Mountain District, Map
Collectibles in Crescent Mountain District

Car Challenges

If you are traveling on the streets of Ventura Bay, you will quickly discover that many yellow symbols are marked on your mini-map. These show you where other players of Need for Speed are. Trip to one of these points and rank you a car next to the player so that you invite him to one of four spontaneous events.

Win a race, you will be rewarded with REP-points. This means that your reputation has increased. But REP-points mean not only prestige, but also offer the opportunity to unlock new upgrades.

Collectibles, Need for Speed, EL-Rey District Map
Collectibles in EL-Rey District

Collectibles, Franklin Terrace Map, Need for Speed, 2015
Collectibles in Franklin Terrace

Donut Spots

There are 30 donut spots are marked in several locations of Ventura Bay, where you have to leave your tire imprints. Of course, these are not immediately shown on the map. Once you have discovered these collectibles they are drawn to you then. As a circle, which is formed of three arrows invite you formally a how to turn Gymkhana legend Ken Block a couple of donuts.

Collectibles, Royal Park District, Map, NFS 2015
Collectibles in Royal Park District

Collectibles, South Port District, NFS 2015, Map
Collectibles in South Port District

Free Parts

There are twelve trucks and SUVs are distributed in Ventura Bay city. Once you find all collectibles you get shipped for free in the garage with special tuning parts for your car. Here you can install them or sell profitably on the vehicle.

You recognize the trucks and SUVs on the fully loaded cargo area. They are mostly in remote parking lots.

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