Earn Skell License in Xenoblade Chronicles X - All Tests guide

In Xenoblade Chronicles X, Skells will not only help you to get your destination but also they will help you in your fight. Even with the best weapons you have, you will be glad for their support. However, you must do the first six missions without the help of Skells. Your path to a Skell begins after the completion of the sixth mission. You can earn a Skell license by completing Vandham’s Skell exam. That means you have to complete the following eight individual missions.

Mission 1: To complete the first step towards a Skell license, you need to install a data probe in FN 117. This is located in primordia.
Mission 2: Blitz 12 Lightning Blattas in Noctilum. You will find it without any problem, because they are marked on your map.
Mission 3: In the north of NLA, you will encounter Flash Shatskikh. It is marked on your map. Defeat this tyrant and you are one step closer to Skells.
Mission 4: Find Natural Artifacts in Noctilum, which is marked on your minimap.
Mission 5: Go to primordia, Oblivia and Noctilum and farm these items:

- 6 Multi-speckled Ladybugs – Primordia - Sickle Rocks Rise
- 3 Beagflea Squashes - Oblivia – FN Site 316
- 8 Rock Armadillos - Noctilum - Probe Site 208

Mission 6: Collect 15,000 currency units. Tips: need a lot of research probes.
Mission 7: Kill three giant Grexes with the given weapon.
Mission 8: Select one of the three side missions at BLADE terminal and complete it to get the Skell license.