Final Fantasy Explorers: Unlock all jobs and classes

In our guide to Final Fantasy Explorers we'll show you which classes there are and how you can unlock them.

At the beginning it always starts as a freelancer and you only have to select a class. This you do as follows:

- Press the start button
- Select the class menu
- Choose one of the available classes.

At the beginning there are only a few jobs available. More jobs you get during the game unlocked when you complete quests. For some you have to fulfill specific conditions. An overview of all classes and their activation conditions you can see in the following table.

Activation condition
Knight Offensive and defensive skills. Complete the first tutorial quest
MonkGood attackers with high attack values. Complete the first tutorial quest
White MageHeal and support your team. Complete the first tutorial quest
Black MageAttacks with strong magic attacks from a distance. Complete the first tutorial quest
RangerGood at ranged and status changing attacks. Complete the first tutorial quest
PaladinSlower but good defender, the high damage caused. Collect 15% of all equipment in the game (accessories, weapons and armor).
NinjaFast attacks with additional confusing effects. Completes the third Test Quest.
Time MageManipulates time and attacks from the middle distance. Complete the second Test Quest.
Dark KnightCauses great damage and is strong on the front. Slay 500 monsters.
DragoonFast and strong jump attacks. Complete the fourth Test Quest.
BeastmasterBut Slow powerful attacks with an ax. Created 20 monsters.
GeomantReinforced magic attacks. Completes the third quest.
MachinistCauses status changes and well in ranged combat by firearm. Earn the 150,000-CP-Achievement.
Red MageMagic attacks that can be enhanced by use of AP. Learn Curaga, Firaga and Graviga.
BardGood in ranged combat with instruments as weapons. Completes the third Test Quest.
ThiefSteal Items from opponents. Complete the second Test Quest
AlchemistAttacks with objects. Completes the third quest.
FreelancerUtilizes all weapons and armor, but dispensed with unique strengths. Available from the beginning.
WeiserHighest healing power and increased attacks. Complete the fourth Test Quest.
Blue MageLearn the skills of your opponent and apply them against him. Defeat 750 enemies.

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