LEGO Marvel Avengers: Cheats for new characters and vehicles

LEGO Marvel Avengers, the action adventure features over 200 Characters. With cheats you get even more game characters as well as new vehicles with which you can roar through the open game world. What cheat codes you can enter at LEGO Marvel Avengers, you will find out in this guide.

LEGO Marvel Avengers: Cheats unlock new characters

In LEGO Marvel Avengers Cheats switches in two different ways free:

- Go to Manhattan, look for the red SHIELD console (in Central Park, near the lake).
- Open the menu in "Free Play" mode and click to enter your code.

Then you see a view in which you can enter six digits. The figure that you have just selected, converts instantly into the activated character once Cheat code have entered.

Cheats and codes for LEGO Marvel Avengers

The following cheat codes you have to enter in the console to get new characters and vehicles in LEGO Marvel Avengers:

A-Bomb - 2K8QCG
Bengal - 8HG9HC
Cottonmouth - BTS8M6
Diamondback - UNECSY
Iron Man Mark 33 (Silver Centurion) - 4AKZ4G
Amadeus Cho - 3ZDB2W
Chase - 93NNGB
Butterball - MJNFAJ
Mini-Quinjet - 9KFJ7A
Quasar - N4YANB
Striker - XP9QX9
Thunderstrike - JWRGP4
Speed - K66TQP
Swordsman - R9CWTF
Veil - A7BRT4
Skaar - MFUPE7
Firebird - RABVV7
Count Nefaria - ZNCK2S
Tigra - D4RREH
Mantis - M562MB
Finesse - WU9YBF

Do you want to know how the characters and vehicles look like? Then check out the following YouTube video:

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