Top Notch Gaming Headsets 2016 for PS4

Use headsets on PS4 is an option for those who want to communicate in online games and for players who don’t want to bother people who are in the same room. Some modern games have compatible features with accessories, which complements its utility. Check out the official headsets for PlayStation 4 and the best options for the console:

Official Sony Headsets

Although there are many headsets for the PS4, let's talk about the official Sony headsets, which are compatible factory and have unique functions. But the vast majority of common Bluetooth or wireless headsets in the market can be used without problems. Check out the official options:

PlayStation Gold

The PlayStation Gold is the current "maximum quality standards" official PS4 headsets. With blue and black finish, the accessory has 7.1 audio, allowing full understanding of the sounds of each game, and separate controls on the side. It has no wire, but can be used with connector cable 3.5mm, can be attached at the DualShock 4 or PlayStation Vita for portable games. It costs $ 100.


The first Pulse is pretty much the old Gold model. It has characteristics similar techniques and connects only wireless in the game. It has less durable material, "shells" of the plastic with ease and has 7.1 audio. It is comfortable, but has been discontinued and is recommended only if it is priced into account.

Pulse Elite

Although not the standard headset, Pulse Elite is the ideal choice for those who want to spend a little more. Costing $ 150, the headset has characteristics superior to those previously mentioned models.

In addition to the surround sound 7.1, possibility of use with or without wire and comfortable finish, the Pulse Elite offers sound effects like Bass impact, a kind of "vibe" of the headset, giving more realism moments with loud sound in games, as great explosions, shootings and nonstop action.

Standard Phone

The standard phone, which is actually comes with the PS4 at no additional cost. For those who don’t want to spend much, it can be a good choice, although limited. The sound quality is not good, has volume control and there is only one audio output to an ear. Only wired, the default phone fits directly into the Dual Shock 4 control.


Either Sony or unofficial headsets, have useful and interesting features in the PS4 system and in some of their games. Check them out:


During the multiplayer games, it is helpful to talk with your teammates to come up with strategies. Games like Call of Duty, Rocket League and Star Wars: Battlefront are good examples.

Function in Games

Some games are compatible with headsets not only to talk in multiplayer, but also to the gameplay. Titles like Rock Band 4, Guitar Hero Live and Just Dance 2016 are compatible with headsets for players to sing their songs.

Voice Commands

If you like to use the voice command of the PS4, the headset also allows it, eliminating the console camera. It can navigate through the menu, go into games or even shut down the game without touching the controls.


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