What to expect from Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen - PC

Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen is an open-world RPG from Capcom, released in 2013 for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. The title is now getting its PC version.

Going through chimeras and terrible dragons, Dragon's Dogma has finally come to PC four years after its release for the consoles. The wait was a little long but rewarding for those who wanted a second chance to explore Gransys or test your skills in Bitterblack Isle.

However, don’t expect much in terms of story or gameplay. The highlight of this adapted version is the graphics. It may seem little, but for those who played the game on Xbox 360 and PS3, visual and performance changes are significant. Especially as Dragon's Dogma, even with imperfections, still has enough content to stand out among the RPGs that have emerged since the launch.

Optimized version

Dragon's Dogma shows better performance on the PC, both in the quality of graphics and textures, as in game performance. Despite being a title in 2012, its graphics have aged well, so you don’t feel like you are playing a game four years old.

The scenarios were given a special treat, especially in lighting. Of course there's no miracles or drastic changes in the graphs of the past generation, but you've never seen Cyclops so beautiful on the islands. The game has several options for you to improve textures, expand your field of vision and even allows you to turn the game 60 frames per second.

Only with this detail, many of the problems that players have in the version of PS3 and Xbox 360 have been resolved. Inconsistent performance hindered the experience of the game and the gameplay. You can now jump into fights with fifteen, twenty creatures at the same time without the frame rate drops. The game also is not heavy and can run on robust machines and PCs with lower settings the recommended requirements.

Worth playing again

Despite having some problems, Dragon's Dogma could join the list of the best RPGs of recent times. Its combat system is not innovative, but it is well executed along with the other elements that make this game one ARPG fairly consistent.

The animations are good, the fights are fast, the various scams and the vocations system allows you to try different styles and tactics without having to create multiple characters. The battles are challenging and the colossal creatures. The game also has many missions with different levels of difficulty and a post-game dungeon made especially for those players who like to test their limits.

The highlight, however, was always for the Pawns, the faithful companions of the Arisen. This mechanical invocation companions adds more dynamics to the game. You can renew your team whenever you want. Another positive aspect is the possibility of online share your Pawn. Also, you can receive items and gifts from other players.

A detail that could have been added, along with the best game performance and graphics, is a cooperative mode. Yes, there is the sharing of companions, but when the PC version was announced in 2015, the first thing that players have commented that it would like to see an online mode. Maybe something like Monster Hunter, where players could get help in missions or fighters.'

The good news is that Dragon's Dogma system works very well with only one player, causing a cooperative mode was just an extra. This absence is hardly a negative point, but it would certainly be fun and could be a differential of the PC version.

Compatibility with Steam

For those who like to collect badges and cards, Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen comes with full support for Steam. In addition to the collectible card, no rescue in the cloud and achievements, with some exclusive to the PC version. Support for control is also great with the Xbox One, Xbox 360 and Steam Controller. The commands with keyboard and mouse are a bit confusing at first, but play well.

Dark Arisen and bonuses

The PC version also gets the expansion Dark Arisen, launched in 2013 for Xbox 360 and PS3. It includes new quests, skills, weapons and equipment. But the main thing is the addition of Bitterblack Isle, a visually similar region Everfall, with really powerful creatures and more difficult levels.

Those who purchase the game on pre-sale will also have access to some launch bonuses that include a book with the official art of the game and a fantastic soundtrack. Some of the tracks are exclusive to PC.


Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen may not be as innovative as the current open-world RPGs, but it is certain he has enough content to be present on the PC. Its mechanical fighting is still excellent and there is plenty to do in the game With a more refined visual and resolve performance issues, Dragon's Dogma:. Dark Arisen is a great choice for RPG fans.

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