Xenoblade Chronicles X: Unlock map - discover new areas

Xenoblade Chronicles X, exclusive RPG for the Nintendo Wii U, is known to have one of the largest maps in the history of games. The alien planet Mira, home of hostile creatures, is divided into five massive continents: Primordia, Noctilum, Sylvalum, Oblivia and Cauldros. We prepared a quick tutorial with tips to unlock map and quickly open new areas of Xenoblade Chronicles X.

The full map of Xenoblade Chronicles X can be accessed at any time by the console GamePad. In addition to providing details of all parts of the game, the map also serves to signal active missions, show unlockable locations and dozens of game points.

While the map is divided into blocks, not all areas can be discovered. Watch the icons with a sort of tripod highlighted in blue. In the image below, the blue blocks represent sites already identified by the characters. Have the clearest symbols, almost erased, exhibit unfamiliar areas.

To discover uncharted territory, make a quick trip to the nearest base of the desired place using the Gamepad - just take a single touch on the control screen to be teleported automatically. Then, go to the cleared area to reconnoiter the environment.

Upon reaching the desired area, you still need to install data collection probes to completely open the site. For this, explore the environment with care and locate a beam of red light, easily detectable, which rises skyward. Approaches the object and press the "A" button to start the Data Probe installation process.

Before installing the probe, be sure to have the ability "Mechanical" duly improved. Some regions require minimal mechanical level, so remember to improve specialty outlets in New Los Angeles with an NPC who is close to the secured room Blade Barracks.

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