Arslan: The Warriors of Legend (TWOL) Skill Cards guide

In Arslan: The Warriors of Legend, you have the opportunity to enhance your skills. For this, you have skill-Cards. You can get them by reaching certain ranks in the fight or else by defeating certain enemies.

Skill Cards

From each card there are versions in four classes. Depending on which version you have a card, their price and the amount of improvement differs. The exact differences you see below:


Class S

- 3 Skills
- Cost: 33

Class A

- 3 Skills
- Cost: 12

Class B

- 2 Skills
- Cost: 5

Class C

- 1 Skills
- Cost: 2

Important: No matter what stage a card is present, the potential skills are per card always the same.

Examples of Maps

Excellent Educator

- Extra Luck
- Officer Hunter
- Defense Increase

A Foolish Ruler

- Alchemist
- Extra Luck
- Hardened

Guiscar, Brother of the King

- Meditative Breathing
- Swift formation
- Hardened

Marzban Khurp

- Karmic Force
- Defense Increase
- Fortitude


- Health Increase
- Elemental charge
- Attack Increase

Synthesis of Skill Cards

If you have some cards twice, then it is time to synthesize new cards. The more cards you use and the higher the value, the more likely it is that you get very good cards.

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