Black Ops 3 - not start, ABC error message and server failure

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 was extended by a new DLC - Black Ops 3 Awakening. However, many users complaining and looking for answers about some bug issues. Particularly annoying is the ABC error message, but for which there is to be a solution. We got some tips and tested it. Below you find what works and what does not work.

Black Ops 3 fails: Error messages

If you notice that Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 cannot start, you should first check the error message. It happens quite often that you need to download a DLC or a patch. While you playing online, it can then lead to problems and the multiplayer of Black Ops 3 does not start as desired. Activision advises to wait for the download and only then to start the game.

If you play the Black Ops 3 latest update, it can happen that you get the ABC error message. In this case, you should see if you are downloading an update. Then you should start the game only when it has finished loading. If you have the ABC error message still and Black Ops 3 does not start, then proceeds as follows:

- Start the console and the game and will begin waiting.
- Normally their X or A must press to start the game. That you do but only if the version number (top right corner of the screen) is not yet..
- The version number changes, but this may take several minutes.
- Then start your CoD: Black Ops. 3

In most cases, this procedure will help you. If this fails, then you have to repeat again. However, you can assume that the causes in the case are to be found closer to the servers. To see the server status you can click on the "Call of Duty" website. The Server Status should show DEFCON 5. If you see a red 1, then the server is not available and you can not start the game until the bugs have been fixed.

Xbox One: Black Ops 3 does not start properly

The Xbox One users who bought the digital version of CoD: Black Ops also find that the game does not start properly. In this case you have to look how big your download file is. In less than 40 GB you must delete the file and download the game again.

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