Far Cry Primal: XP farming and level up fast tips

In Far Cry Primal, you need a lot of experience points (XP) to unlock all 80 skills. With skills like Death From Above, Fire Takedown or Weapon Skill you will be able to face true beast more effectively in combat.

The first and at the same time best resource to farm a lot of XP are missions. As you completed this, you can gain additional experience points. With the following tips and tricks you will be able to level up very quickly in the game.

- You can gain many experience points by completing main missions.
- Always stop during the missions or on a discovery tour look out for collectibles. These are indicated by blue icons on the map - the Daysha hands give you the most XP boost.
- Capture all outposts on the map. The more severe the struggles are, the more experience points you get.
- You can level up quickly by killing beasts in Oros. In addition skinning your prey, that unlocks upgrade and can improve the huts.
- Fight against human enemies, you should always aim at the head. This also works with the club and brings you per Kill extra experience points with which you can level up quickly.
- Takedowns bring you more XP than headshots. The ability Sliver Takedown, allow you the wearing of splinters.
- A tamed beast is an extremely loyal companion and does most of the work for you in the fight. This also means extra experience points for you.

Can you manage to level up fast and learn all the skills then you can also unlock the following trophy or the achivements:

Expert Wenja: Learn all skills. (Silver / 50G)

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  1. The beast can help u distract enemies but XP-wise they do not help you, because beast kills are worth far less XP then a do-it-urself-kill. When ur exposed try to hide behind a corner and wait a bit till you can do another takedown.


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