Get 50 Hit-Combo (Greatest Defense) in Naruto SUNS 4

To get the trophy ATTACKING IS THE GREATEST DEFENSE in Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 you must perform a 50 Hit Combo. We show you which of the numerous characters it creates and also show you a video for playing easy method.

A 50-HIT COMBO - This sounds more difficult than it actually is. Go into the open-battle mode and select a simple VS match against the computer AI. Select the character from then Hinata Hyuga as a playable fighter and take Ninjutsu technique Protective 8 Trgrams 64 Palms with them into battle.

Opponents and Bullring are irrelevant for the Achievement. Once the fight starts, run to your opponent and solve the Ninjutsu technique - Hinata out. PlayStation 4: triangle, circle Xbox One: Y, you have to try it a few times, as the enemy runs out of your reach. Hinatas attack consists of 64 strokes, which is why the activation of success should not be a problem, when you meet again.

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