Ken moves and attributes guide - Street Fighter 5

Ken is back on the field again with his moves in Street Fighter 5. The blonde in a red Gi is one of the most popular and famous characters from the Street Fighter series. Ken is a good friend and at the same time rival of Ryu. The new look of SF 5 also has an effect on the external appearance of Ken. If you are not satisfied with the outfits of Ken, then you have the opportunity to unlock new colors. Although the red Gi is underlined his distinctive color, but you can unlock other colors is Street Fighter 5 for Ken. What Moves Ken has in stock and what attributes make up the character, find out them in our article below.

Street Fighter 5: Ken - moves and attributes

Ken Masters was born in 1965 in the United States and his fighting style is Ansatsuken. In Street Fighter 5, Ken can fight with his rivals, Ryu, Karin, Chun-Li and Vega muster. For this he uses moves such as Shoryuken and Hadoken. What moves you can still get to use with Ken, you can see the Move list below refer in the article. In addition, you can look in theory to prepare for the fights, because the Move-lists also show which key combinations of individual moves of Ken.

Like any fighter in Street Fighter 5, Ken also has attributes. Although Ken's fighting style similar to that of Ryu, the values of the blond character are somewhat better. The following list shows you, what attributes Ken has in Street Fighter 5.

Power: 4/5
Health: 3/5
Agility: 4/5
Technology: 4/5
Range: 2/5

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