Street Fighter 5: beginner's guide to battle system

Once you have started the game, you have to choose your first character among 16 fighters more will be added with future DLCs. Each of the characters has a unique fighting style and strengths and weaknesses in specific areas. This guide help you to choose your first fighter.

Basic combat control

If you have decided on a first fighter, it is worthwhile to use training mode to get familiar with the controls because with button mashing you will not be successful in the long term in Street Fighter 5. Like Street Fighter 4, the latest in a control method that uses six buttons for combat maneuvers with three variations of punches and kicks. There is one button each, which summarizes all the punches or kicks, which facilitate the execution of combos.

In conjunction with the direction keys can make combos in this way. Beautiful way, the Move-lists of well-known characters such as Ryu more than their production counterparts have never changed away. A Hadoken works in the current part so, as then, in Street Fighter 2. As veterans you must familiarize only with the battle maneuvers of new fighters.

Learn Combos

You definitely have to focus and memorize as many combos and maneuvers of a character as possible. About the pause menu you can always let you display the Move-list of your current character and they impress you gradually in the training mode. Some fighters have complicated combos than others. As beginner friendly characters offer themselves as in previous games, Ryu and Ken.

Combat Mechanics

Maneuvers such as V-Skills, V trigger and V-reversals might like confuse you at the beginning, but we show you the individual combat mechanics in Street Fighter V in more detail. Below you see the HUD in the battle screen.

- Life Bar: The green life bar represents the top left your Health and the green bar is depleted, lose your round and the fight.. The bar on the top right part of your counterparty.

- Stun-bar: Below the life bar there is a smaller stun bar. This is filled by successful attacks and stuns the enemy or you once it is fully loaded.

- Won Rounds: Shows you by a V (Victory), the number of rounds awarded.

- Fight time: The timer shows you the remaining time of the round. If the time expires, the fighter who has more remaining life energy wins.

- Character: Here you can see the respective portrait of fighter.

- V- gauge: The V- gauge fills up as soon as it is inserted or beats your V-Skill executes successfully. Solid bars, you allow execution of V triggers and V-reversals. How many bars you have, depends on your chosen fighter. Solid bars that do not use it are not transferred with in the following round.

- EX- gauge: The EX gauge fills up, you turn your opponents hit with attacks. If this is filled, you can perform specific Critical Arts similar to finishing moves. Unlike the V-bar filled bars are transferred to the next round here.


V skills you can run at any time, because they cost you no bar of your V-bar. If successful, they fill the bars on even and are therefore a good way to enable V-Trigger and V-reversals. To execute a V-skill, simply press the buttons simultaneously for a medium kick and medium punch. On the PlayStation 4 the triangle and circle buttons.


V triggers are more powerful than V-Skills and consume when using your full double V-bar. Think about the use of so well. The attacks vary by fighters. It may be teleports or temporary stronger attacks. A V trigger triggers by pushing the buttons simultaneously for hard punch and hard kick. In the PS4 version the R1 and R2.


The V-Reversal is a counterattack that uses of your V- Gauge. You can apply it only from the defensive stance out while block. Suppress the direction key corresponding to the enemy position and suppressing all three punch buttons (PS4: Square, Triangle, R1) or kick buttons (PS4: X, Circle R2) simultaneously. It is easier even if you use the alternative button, all three punch or kick buttons resumes (Punch: L1 or Kick: L2).

Fast rising

After you have sent to the boards an opponent, it usually takes a while until you can get up again. This can actively accelerate by pushing the right buttons. Here you can either directly up away on the spot or backward. Here, the right timing of the success decides. The correct entries for fast rising.


The filled EX-meter below the V- gauge allows you to run enhanced combat maneuvers. This EX-Moves cost you a bar of your bar and differ depending on the character. How the respective EX special moves of each fighter in Street Fighter performs 5, you see the Move-lists on the following character pages.

M. Bison
R. Mika

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