Layers of Fear all phone numbers and locations

In our guide to the fifth chapter of Layers of Fear (updated 2023), we will show you the location of all phones and phone numbers.

In the game, you enter a room, in which a telephone rings. This phone you can find behind one of the bookshelves, which you can open by activating a book. Take the handset and listen to the voice of your wife. Then you have to choose yourself a number that you have to find initially. The phone number you can see from the painting that hangs above the fireplace. Dial 363.

Location of the second phone and number 

Once you have selected the telephone number, the next phone begins to ring. Move left on the edge and through the door to find the next phone that rings. Then drop onto the boards right below or follow the corridor. Go through any open doors and continue until you reach the second phone, then pick up the call.

If you turn around, you will notice that a cabinet falls into the depths. If you look down, you can see that the correct phone number is written on its back wall. You can start the next event by dialing 853 on your phone.

Location of the third phone and the number

Layers of Fear (2016) - Move the closet forward until it collapses once more, then turn right.  The illustration on the right shows what you should do. Look at the cabinets on the other side and zoom in. A cupboard door opens and you see the next phone number. Go back to the phone and dial 354.

In Layers of Fear 2023: Move the closet forward until it collapses once more, then turn left. Light the candles and go to the stairs from drawers. Knock the picture over when you get to the top to build a bridge. Run over to the passage on the right, where the third phone is located, and pick up the phone on the wall behind the phone you can see three pictures. If you go back to the abyss, you will see pictures with numbers on the wall opposite. Find the three pictures and remember the numbers in the appropriate order. Return to the phone and enter 354.


The phone rings once more and you have to leave the area and move to the right. Follow the path to the other side of the room and then the hallway. Behind it you will find a suspension bridge, run over it and after a short turbulence the last phone that is still ringing will appear. Run towards it and see what happens.

Your odyssey through the world of phones takes at this point an end and you may continue as usual. The following list shows you all three phone numbers that you have to use on the found phones in Layers of Fear:

1. 363
2. 853
3. 354

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