Layers of Fear Inheritance all endings, good / bad

As the daughter of the painter, you return to the gloomy house, where your childhood has played. In Layers of Fear: Inheritance, the father still remains in his sights, but from the perspective of his daughter, after all, she wants to find out what happened back then, before she was taken away from her parents' home. Here you can play the story in three different endings and for each rewarded with trophies or achievements.

With Forgive, you decide to go the Father Route ending. This means you have to forgive him his actions and let him look good during the game. In Too little, too late, you choose the mother route ending and learn in the course of the layer of Fear: Inheritance that your father was a bad man. The darkest of the ends is probably the tree and the apple ending, because here you will see through the eyes of your Father and for him to develop a different kind of understanding than forgive him, because you know the madness in the family blood.

Forgive Our Mad Father, Father Route Ending

If you decided to go the Father Route Ending then you can unlock the Achievement, but you gotta remember the good in your father. This means that you have to play him in all memories. In almost every room you trigger a childhood memory and all give you interact opportunities. It is important that you that you trigger all, interact and your father support.

The following sequences are present:

Dog in the kitchen: Open the door and let the dog out.
Dog on the sofa: Tap on the dog, so he jumps off the sofa.
For an image model: While the father paints, you must listen and look at him.
Father at the piano: you stand in front of a door and watch your father playing the piano. Grab the sheet music left to help him.
Piano: When you shall play on the piano, then listens to the mother and bring your crayons. Then play notes correctly.
Locked in the closet: If you find yourself locked in a closet, then push the lock.
Phonograph: In your mother's room you have to turn on the phonograph, so that she can listen to music to calm.
Picture painting: If you are about to paint a picture, then decide for the brush and not for the pencil tool and follow the instructions of your father.
Shredded Image: You have found three pieces of your mother portrait. This happens automatically. Once you arrive at the upper floor of the house, you have to look at this picture on the wall.

Layers of Fear, Inheritance, All Endings, Good, Bad
Too Little, Too Late, Mother Route Ending

If you select to play Mother Route Ending, then you will reach one of the bad endings. This means that when too little, too late will not forgive your father and must not all childhood memories interact with the items. This is quite simple: Just stay standing and look to see what happens. At the end you still regarded the picture, which is torn into three parts, because here you can already see the difference. Then you go to the unlocked door to see the end:

The Tree and The Apple: Discover Your True Ending

This is the most elaborate of all ends. For the Tree And The Apple you must find all pictures and then subsequently assembled into a portrait. In addition, it is important that you adhere to all childhood memories of the Father Route. This means you have to let him stand in good. If you have solved the puzzle with the pictures, then turn around and check out the shelf behind you (you know it very well from the main game). Interact with it, elicit this end.

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