Paragon: All heroes, characters, classes/abilities at a glance

In Paragon, you have 13 heroes and characters to choose from and each one of them bring special abilities and skills with them into battle to support his team. We show you all characters with their abilities in more detail below.

When designing the characters Epic Games has focused on creating not entirely new hero, but to create characters with individual skills that can be valuable for each team constellation and open up new tactical possibilities in the match. So Gideon Caster can create such a portal that your team teleported to another location on the map to perform about an ambush.

In the following list you can see all 13 heroes that are available at the beginning of Paragon.

- Twinblast
- Steel
- Sparrow
- Rampage
- Muriel
- Murdock
- Kallari
- Howitzer
- Grux
- Gideon
- Gadget
- Feng Mao
- Dekker

Classes and Abilities

Altogether, there are five basic Paragon classes to choose from:

- Fighter
- Caster
- Assassin
- Ranger
- Tank

Each of the classes has it differently pronounced character values such as attack damage, endurance and agility. There are also different affinities and damage types. For plenty of variety in combat Abilities, which are composed of different skills.

- Base attack
- Three different Abilities
- A passive and an ultimate capacity

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